Footage Of 'Worst Animal Ever' Is Dividing The Internet

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Footage Of 'Worst Animal Ever' Is Dividing The Internet

Featured Image Credit: @frogulant555/TikTok

Twitter users are divided by the colugo, an animal that typically inhabits forests in southeast Asia.

After the animal went viral online, people can't seem to decide if it's the best or worst animal they've ever seen.

One TikToker took to the platform to explain more about the species, including the fact they have some pretty weird features like 'comb-shaped teeth'.

Check it out:


The TikToker opened the video by explained that colugos got their name from their ability to 'glide', which they can do using a membrane called the 'patagium' and, fair warning, this might be why people are debating the animal's cuteness.

The creatures, dubbed 'flying lemars', also don large eyes to enable them to have good night vision and depth perception, as well as webbed feet to aid gliding from tree to tree.

After seeing the animal, one user took to Twitter to say that the colugo was the worst animal they'd ever seen. 'I’ve found it, the worst animal ever. What even is this thing. Why are its eyes like that. Just… why', they said in a tweet that has since been deleted.

The post immediately sparked a debate over whether the colugo was cute or not.

It brought up traumatic movie memories for one person: 'This reminds me of like a movie where there’s a cute adorable animal and it’s being so cute and just wants food then all of a sudden it has like a thousand sharp teeth lol and it’s trying to attack the person'.

Meanwhile, others declared their love for the animal: 'That's a f*cking real life pokemon', with another adding: 'What strange little creature, a perplexing pal, a peculiar fellow, a confusing cohort, an astonishing acquaintance, a bewildering buddy, a grandious goblin, a fabulous friend, a curious companion, a puzzling person'.

Another was just genuinely confused about the type of animal it was, asking: 'lol like are you an amphibian or a mammal??'

Regardless of your feelings about the colugo, there's no doubt it's a pretty interesting animal.

Further information about the colugo was shared to Twitter but has since been deleted. 'This is a colugo and we hate it but we must protect it at the same time because it is threatened by habitat destruction as more and more of the Southeast Asian forests get cut down 😢 It MUST be saved to haunt the nightmares of future generations'.

People weren't thrilled by the suggestion the colugo haunts nightmares, adding: 'No it haunts *your* nightmares there is no we or future generations it's only you and you alone'.

Well, we're firmly on team colugo over here.

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