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Inside the world's largest McDonald's which has a custom menu and sells pizza and pasta
Featured Image Credit: TripAdvisor

Inside the world's largest McDonald's which has a custom menu and sells pizza and pasta

Take a peek into the world's largest McDonald's which has a custom menu selling the likes of pizza and pasta.

McDonald's is known for its legendary Big Mac, salty French fries, and irresistible nuggets - but what if there was more on the menu?

Of course, the majority of us head into the fast food chain for those food selections, but the world's largest McDonald's offers way more than that.

This special McDonald's is home to a full-service hospitality centre with tourist information and discounted attraction tickets, something you'd certainly wouldn't expect in the takeaway favorite.

On top of that, the restaurant boasts an arcade which holds more than '100 of the newest arcade games' offering customers chance to win 'big prizes'.

The main reason why customer flock to McDonald's is, of course, for the food so as well as keeping customers happy with activities, the restaurant has a custom menu offering up a lot more than its classic McNuggets and Big Macs.

Customers can use self-ordering kiosks to browse through all the McDonald's favourites, but there is also a chef-prepared Bistro Gourmet menu which features paninis, omelettes, pasta, freshly baked pizza and gourmet cakes.

Breakfast consists of a lot more than hash browns, as customers can opt for Ham & Cheese French Toast or Belgian Waffles.

Footage from the restaurant has been shared by TikTokers Zayla and Chris of Boss Up Travels, with clips showing options for all-day breakfasts or 'build your own' pizza or pasta.

Pizza and pasta?!

The travellers opted for a pepperoni pizza, telling viewers it 'did not disappoint'.

Outside, the restaurant features a massive, neon Ronald McDonald as well as the telltale golden arches inviting people to come in.

The biggest of the beloved McRestaurants is located in Orlando, Florida, just a 10-minute drive away from the equally magical Disney World.

It's evidently an area made for wonder and fun, with the 'World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's & PlayPlace' only adding to the experience with its 'tremendous size playground' and arcade.

Zayla and Chris' video has been met with envy from many McDonald's fans, with one TikTok user saying the clip had made them want to 'move to Orlando' while another commented: "Hold on, I wanna go thereeee my McDonald’s rarely even have cookies no more."

The world's largest McDonald's.

Customers who have previously visited the Florida restaurant also praised its offerings, with another TikTok user responding: "Omg!!! I went to this one when I was at universal for a week and it’s sooooooo cool like it’s amazing there and the food is sooooo good."

Unfortunately, not everyone was as impressed with the World's Largest McDonald's - with some complaining of high prices and slow service - though that might be because it takes staff members so long to walk around its large interior.

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