Florida Man Dressed As Grim Reaper To Tour Beaches That Open Prematurely

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A man from Florida is planning to travel around beaches that have reopened early in the wake of the outbreak, dressed head-to-toe as the Grim Reaper.

Santa Rosa Beach based lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder will be embarking on his ‘Grim Reaper tour’ from May 1 onwards, using the frightening costume as a warning to those failing to take social distancing seriously.

Uhlfelder was driven to take a stand after Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis permitted the reopening of some beaches, sparking widespread concern about how safe this decision is.

Writing about his plans on his fundraising page, Uhlfelder stated:

Many have asked if I would travel the coastal towns of Florida to warn our fellow Floridians about the dangers of not social distancing in the attire of the Grim Reaper, and the answer is a resounding yes!

Uhlfelder wants to ensure people in Florida understand just how important it is for them to stay at home and resist the temptation of breaking social distancing measures at the newly reopened beaches.

He also intends to use his Grim Reaper costume as a means of raising money which will be equally distributed to Democrat politicians running for federal office.

Taking to Twitter on April 22, Uhlfelder – whose sinister costume will reportedly be arriving next week – revealed he had already raised $3,417 towards his fundraising goal of $20,000.

It would appear Uhlfelder has been drawn inspiration from New Zealand’s public service campaign where the ominous ‘Swim Reaper’ promotes water safety in a bid to prevent drowning deaths.

Many people have praised Uhlfelder for taking a stand, criticising those who are still not taking proper precautions while out in public.

One person tweeted:

Very strong statement. Nice. Stay safe travelling.

Another said:

Hope this helps keep some ppl safe. Every one who can #StayHome needs to for others. Your actions show who you are during #COVID19 Everyone can save lives, literally.

Florida beachPA

As reported by NBC Miami, on March 17 DeSantis ordered beaches across the state be limited to gatherings of less than 10 people, spaced six feet apart.

On April 2, DeSantis prohibited public gatherings and nonessential activities outside the home, with the exemption of activities like walking, jogging, fishing and swimming as long as people adhere to distancing rules.

Some beaches in Florida have now been reopened for limited recreation, with social distancing guidelines still in effect.

You can contribute towards the Grim Reaper tour for yourself here.

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