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Five-Year-Old Dressed As 'Real Life Chucky' Scares Entire Town
Featured Image Credit: Kendra Walden/Facebook

Five-Year-Old Dressed As 'Real Life Chucky' Scares Entire Town

Locals have been left petrified by a five-year-old who has been running around dressed up as Chucky.

Locals have been left petrified by a five-year-old who has been running around dressed up as Chucky.

We may only be just over half way through the year, but if Pret is allowed to have brought out its Christmas special sandwich last July, then why can't kids grab their costumes - but perhaps not trick or treat bags - and head to the streets in Halloween attire?

This is why. Locals in Pinson, Alabama, have been left terrified after spotting a five-year-old dressed as the notorious serial killer from American horror slasher franchise Child's Play running around the streets.

Some have even leapt to social media after getting the fright of their lives.

A five-year-old dressed as Chucky has been spotted running around a neighbourhood in Alabama.
MGM/UA Communications Co.

One local mother called Kendra Walden took to Facebook to share images of the young child, writing: "Dear Parents of the little boy in the chucky costume in Pinson.

"GET YOUR KID.… I almost had a heart attack."

The post has amassed over 50,000 likes, 100,000 shares and thousands of comments with users raining in in debate over whether the five-year-old being allowed to run around in his costume is terrifying or just really hilarious.

One said: "Time for that vacation, if I see him in the neighborhood."

Another mother wrote: "My mind immediately went to 'Where is max??' and then i was like 'Wellll… could possibly also be lennon depending on the day'."

"Bro i suggest u get a hole new identity and move to another state," a third commented.

While I would quite likely scream so much I pass out from fright, others have seen the funny side of the youngster having dressed up - despite it being absolutely nowhere near Halloween.

"This kid is my hero! I would totally hire him for our Halloween anniversary party this fall at the brewery - all expenses paid! Who can make this happen?" one said.

However, others expressed concern for the boy's wellbeing.

"Who lets their five year old roam around the neighbourhood and cross streets alone?" a user commented.

Some locals were highly amused by the five-year-old's dress-up, but others were concerned for his wellbeing.
MGM/UA Communications Co.

To make the five-year-old slightly less scary - and to clarify that he was being looked after - his true identity has since been revealed as a young boy named Jackson.

His mother, Britnee Reed, explained her son wore the costume last Halloween and hasn't been able to get enough of it ever since.

She told WDHN: "That’s just kind of how his personality is.He dresses up in different costumes throughout the week. He loves to make people laugh."

Despite being aware of Jackson's love of dressing up and all things horror, Reed noted how shocked she was to see images of her son having gone viral online.

"I zoomed in and said, ‘Oh my goodness,’ that’s my kid," she said.

Reed also detailed how she quickly rang her own mother who had been looking after Jackson while she was at work to make sure he was being supervised.

As a result of being spotted about town, Jackson has reportedly been invited to birthday parties and events in his Chucky attire.

However, as flattered as he is, Reed explained the five-year-old is very content with sticking to spooking locals.

So make sure you keep your eyes peeled next time you're in Pinson.

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