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Moment Five Finger Death Punch lead singer jumps into audience after girl starts having seizure
Featured Image Credit: @annetemple0905/TikTok

Moment Five Finger Death Punch lead singer jumps into audience after girl starts having seizure

Ivan Moody stopped the concert and jumped off the stage to help the fan

Fans at a Five Finger Death Punch concert watched as the band's lead singer jumped into the crowd to help a woman who was having a seizure.

Ivan Moody, the lead singer of the popular heavy metal band, stopped the concert when he spotted the fan in need of help.

The unknown woman was taken over the barriers for immediate help from the medical assistants present.

After instructing that the woman should be placed on her side rather than on her back, Moody jumps into the crowd to help.

It was filmed and shared by Anne Temple on TikTok from the show in at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio on Monday (14 November).

She captioned the video: "Hope this girl is ok! One more reason to love these guys!"

Towards the end of the clip, Moody explains why he felt compelled to jump in and help the fan while also thanking the audience for their patience.

After the crowd applauds Moody for his quick thinking, he says: "Hi, listen, first off, that's what makes you one of the most amazing audiences of all time. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Moody then references the time he 'died' for three minutes due to an alcohol-related seizure.

Moody stopped the show to help the fan.

"Now forgive me, that hit me a little hard. If anybody, if you read up about anything to do with me, the way I died was by having a seizure similar to that," he tells the crowd. "So I take that very, very seriously. "

The 42-year-old previously said his body shut down after he quit drinking alcohol in an attempt to stop his addiction.

"I died!” he says explaining his own medical emergency to Metal Hammer. “I’d been on a bender for about two years, and I’d gone four days without drinking in an entire year! Which is ridiculous.

"So, for four days I locked myself inside the house, and the fourth day my daughter came over and I went to hand her a glass of water, and that’s all I remember.”

Moody also described the 'afterlife', adding: "That’s what happened. I was dead for about three and a half minutes, and I became part of something while I was there. I say ‘there’, because I was not in this shell. And for the first time in my existence, I felt peace."

Moody has previously spoken about the seizure he had when he 'died'.
Gonzales Photo / Alamy Stock Photo.

He described what he saw in the 'afterlife', adding that he was 'In a blue haze… it was very quiet and peaceful, and I remember not worrying about anything."

Moody said: "I didn’t have an unidirectional view. It was wide, and I could see and feel everything. There was no matter involved, I was pure energy, and I saw this incredibly blue light. It was the afterlife and I was on the edge."

At the concert he also thanks the staff in attendance. "Fortunately the security here, our guy Ritchie and all the medical staff, thank you so much for taking care of her. Give them a round."

TikTok users praised the singer for lending a hand to the fan.

"I have said this once and I will say it again metal rock and punk artists are some of the most caring people out there," one TikTok user declared.

Another person wrote: "Mad respect to this band and to Ivan."

While someone else shared: "Hope she was OK."

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