FBI Releases First Secret 9/11 File Alleging Links To ‘Saudi Intelligence’

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FBI Releases First Secret 9/11 File Alleging Links To 'Saudi Intelligence'PA Images

The FBI has released its first declassified 9/11 file regarding the Saudi government’s alleged links to the terror attacks. 

Yesterday, September 11, marked two decades since the horrific attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people, injured more than 6,000 others and impacting countless lives then, now and for years to come.

Recently, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order that will see the Department of Justice oversee a declassification review of documents related to the attacks, with a deadline of six months before they’re released. Now, the FBI has released its first secret document.

Smoke billowing from twin towers after plane crash (PA Images)PA Images

The file specifically concerns a 2015 interview between investigators and an official who earlier worked at the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles. Referred to only as PII, he said he allowed two of the 9/11 hijackers – Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar – to use his apartment and he assisted them in their travels around the city.

He said he ‘assisted al-Hazimi and al-Mihdar because he is a good Muslim and helping two new students in town is the Muslim way’.

The FBI later found him to be an al-Qaeda ‘facilitator’ for the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) and was ‘associated with members of the Salafist Group For Preaching and Combat’, with both groups since ‘evolving into al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’. He also had close links to Omar al-Bayoumi and Fahad al-Thumairy, who helped the hijackers, the MailOnline reports.

While unconfirmed, it’s believed that PII is Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah, who worked at the Saudi consulate in Washington DC.

Al-Bayoumi earlier admitted befriending the hijackers, and while seen as a ‘suspected Saudi intelligence agent’ by federal authorities, he’s denied any role in the attacks. The 9/11 Commission report showed there ‘was no credible evidence that al-Bayoumi believed in violent extremism or knowingly aided extremist groups’.

Of the 19 hijackers on the day, 15 were Saudi nationals – however, Saudi Arabia has consistently maintained its innocence amid speculation. ‘It is lamentable that such false and malicious claims persist,’ the government said in a recent statement.

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  1. MailOnline

    FBI releases first secret 9/11 file: Saudi embassy official let two hijackers stay at his apartment and helped them in LA before the attack, was a 'facilitator' for Al-Qaeda and distributed extremist Muslim literature

Cameron Frew
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