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Fan Attempts To Rush Octagon At UFC But Is Immediately Tossed To The Concrete

Fan Attempts To Rush Octagon At UFC But Is Immediately Tossed To The Concrete

The fan attempted the stunt at UFC 274

Attempting to infiltrate or crash a sporting event of any kind can be risky business, but trying to do so at what is literally named the 'Ultimate Fighting Championship' is undeniably a bad move.

I'm not in any way suggesting that it would be easier to get away with at other sporting events, but there's definitely slightly less chance of you getting hurt when the people you're up against aren't paid to deal with fights.

It seems one member of the crowd at UFC 274 did not take this into consideration when she decided to try and rush the Octagon at the event on 7 May, but I'm sure what happened to her will make her think twice next time.

Check it out below:

In the clip, shared on TikTok by user Shriak Sharma, a woman in the stands could be seen hopping over the barrier and sprinting down the pathway towards the stage while onlookers in the background shouted at the move.

She successfully made it all the way to the Octagon, which was free of competitors at the time, but the moment she attempted to actually get onto the platform she was shoved to the side by what looks to be a member of staff.

The worker didn't hesitate for a second before pushing the woman off the stage, sending her flying back down to the concrete as those watching the scene expressed their shock.

She could then be seen being escorted away from the Octagon by a member of security, though it's unclear whether she was made to leave altogether.

The TikTok user explained she didn't know the woman who had attempted the stunt but still viewers couldn't help but share their thoughts on her actions, with one responding: "You felt that in the morning. good effort tho [sic]."

Another commented: "She's a legend for trying."

A number of other viewers questioned what the woman's 'plan' was once she got into the Octagon, while others agreed that a UFC event definitely was not the place to attempt to rush the stage.

The woman's stunt is said to have taken place immediately after Charles Oliveira took on Justin Gaethje for the main event in the Octagon, with the former securing a win via first round submission.

Other fighters on the night included Michael Chandler, who delivered a knockout while fighting Tony Ferguson, and Carla Esparza, who became the women’s strawweight champion after she edged out Rose Namajunas.

Though I'm sure the professionals put on some good performances, there's no denying this particular altercation delivered on shock-factor.

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Featured Image Credit: @iamlavishbishhh/TikTok

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