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Experts warn against new 'perineum sunning' trend on TikTok

Experts warn against new 'perineum sunning' trend on TikTok

Influencers believe that the practice will help give them an energy boost as well as sleep and concentrate better

Influencers are encouraging people to sun their genitals in videos which are going viral on TikTok - but experts warn it could have health consequences.

The clips around ‘perineum sunning’ are gaining millions of views on the social platform, but experts are advising against the practice and warning that it could be harmful to health.

Watch an expert explain why this may not be the best idea below:

The controversial wellness practice is thought to increase a person’s vibrations by exposing their nether regions to the sun.

People could be lying naked on their backs with their legs spread wide in the air, or taking on some nimble yoga poses like downward dog.

They believe that in exposing this area of the body, which normally doesn’t see the light of day, to soak up Vitamin D it will give them an energy boost and even help them to sleep and concentrate better.

Others suggest it can also unleash their creativity.

However, celebs such as Josh Brolin found out that it can be pretty painful to get sunburn in those sensitive areas after trying the trend.

The hashtag #perineumsunning has more than 2.4 million views and while there are several clips that mock the trend, there are others which take it more seriously.

One video which has had over 600,000 views shows a woman crouched over her phone pointing her bum to the sky.

In the clip she says: “I don’t know if you guys have heard of perineum sunning but it’s when you expose your butt hole to sunlight.

"30 seconds is equivalent to walking around in the sun with all your clothes on all day long. Vitamin D, soaking it up.”


TikTok users commenting on the video weren’t convinced with many cracking up at what the woman’s neighbours must think.

Someone else said: “Vitamin D gummy bears are a lot better.”

And another joked: “So much for ‘where the sun don’t shine’.”

Another influencer also posted a clip of himself and a woman lying naked on their backs, legs in the air, with the words: “Think about it, why would you not sun the most vital area of your body?”

Later adding: “The more you hide a body part from the sun, the weaker it will be.”

He later shared another video saying the sun is for healing.

Dr Dustin Portela hit back at the trend in his own TikTok video.

In his clip he said: “The claims made have absolutely no evidence to boosting anything. You don’t need to sun that really sensitive area.

“We’ve evolved to walk upright where this area literally doesn’t get sun so you shouldn’t be turning it up towards the fireball in the sky in order to expose it.

Users film themselves lying on their backs with their legs in the air.
TikTok / @PaulyLong

“I’ve removed skin cancers from people from around the anus, vulva and on the penis. You don’t want cancer in that area and putting sun on that area you’re highly likely to get burned and that will increase your risk of skin cancer and then somebody like me is going to have to stick a needle in there, start cutting away and perform reconstructive surgery and put things back together….

“I’m telling you don’t do perineum sunning, it’s a stupid idea.”

Dr Diana Gall from Doctor-4-U also agreed and told Insider: “Practicing mindfulness and meditation, and getting your dose of Vitamin D, is beneficial for mental and physical health, but you don’t need to damage your skin in the process from sun exposure.”

Dr Stephanie Ooi from MyHealthcare Clinic also added: "This is a classic example of social media medical misinformation which in some cases can be damaging or dangerous." 

TikTok has been approached for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: jenn_dances4fun / Pauly Long/TikTok

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