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Emmanuel Macron Bombarded With Tomatoes Days After Election Victory

Emmanuel Macron Bombarded With Tomatoes Days After Election Victory

Days after Macron secured an election win, people are pelting tomatoes at him.

Emmanuel Macron was pelted with tomatoes just days after he was re-elected as the president of France.

Macron had taken to the Élysée Palace for his first victory walk since winning the election on Sunday, 24 April, when the incident took place.

In footage from the event, a member of the president's team can be heard shouting 'Projectile!' while trying to ensure the president's safety.

As the tomatoes were being thrown, Macron's team can be seen putting an umbrella up to shield him.

Another member of his team adds 'it's not serious' as the president is led away, reported the Daily Mail.

The pelting came as Macron told the public today, 27 April: "I have come to say that I have heard the voices of each and everyone, and that I will continue to be committed to the neighbourhoods that are most in difficulty, of all the territories of our Republic that are most in difficulty, every day."

Tensions remain high in France following a gruelling election campaign, with Macron beating Marine Le Pen 58.5% to 41.5%.

Even with his victory, a large section of the National Assembly is said to dislike Macron, with sociologist Michel Wieviorka noting that 'there is a lot of hate' surrounding the president, as reported by the BBC.

"He said last night 'I am happy' but I don't think he can be totally happy because there are plenty of clouds in his sky," the sociologist said of Macron's victory, and went on to stress the importance of cooperation during his next term.

"He must accept the idea that negotiation is important, it doesn't mean top-down decisions.

"I think it's difficult for him psychologically and culturally to change to a more democratic way of politics."

Criticism of Macron isn't new, however, and tomato-throwing certainly isn't the first time he's faced an onslaught from crowd members.

Emmanuel Macron's team shielded him from the tomatoes (
pablo geneva/YouTube)

Back in June, two men were arrested after the president was slapped in the face during his trip to Tain-l’Hermitage outside the city of Valence.

Footage shows a men slapping the president, then shouting ‘Down with Macron-ism’.

Security proceeded to rush Macron away but he later returned to the site to talk to the crowd before leaving.

Police presence was said to be increased following the incident.

Following the slap, many came out in support of Macron, including Le Pen, who wrote: "While democratic debate can be bitter, it can never tolerate physical violence."

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Featured Image Credit: BFM TV

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