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Elon Musk paid nearly $1 million for abandoned car couple found in $100 storage unit
Featured Image Credit: Sue Thatcher /Apex MediaWire / Alamy Stock Photo

Elon Musk paid nearly $1 million for abandoned car couple found in $100 storage unit

Elon Musk paid a staggering amount for a car that was found in a $100 storage unit

Elon Musk has made some pretty hefty purchases in his time, the most obvious one being his $44 billion buyout of Twitter last year.

Another purchase that Musk has made is the $1 million deal he struck with a couple to buy a car that featured in a James Bond movie.

For Musk, obviously, a million dollars is chump change, but for the couple, they made a massive fortune, considering how much they paid to own the car in the first place.

In 1989, a young couple who still remain anonymous to this day, paid $100 for an unclaimed storage unit.

The auction was a blind one, meaning they and the seller had no idea what was inside the unit.

The car was found in a $100 storage unit.
Sue Thatcher /Apex

Of course, it could have been filled with nothing and the couple from Long Island, New York, would have been wasting their money.

But luckily for them, it was anything but, as they were left with the biggest surprise of their lives.

Under some rather dusty, old blankets was the 1976 Lotus Esprit sports car used in the 1977 Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

In that classic movie, the sports car transforms into a submarine and fires missiles while underwater.

The Lotus was left in the storage unit for more than a decade after the Roger Moore Bond movie.

When the couple first found the car, 'they really didn’t know what it was', according to Doug Redenius, the man who authenticated the car.

Speaking to NBC in 2013, Redenius said that the couple had never watched a Bond film before and "had no idea how valuable their discovery was".

Elon Musk purchased the car for just shy of $1 million.

The husband planned on making some improvements to the car's dented roof and also some general car improvements.

But after they loaded the car onto the truck, truckers contacted them to let them know they were in possession of a Bond car.

After displaying it at occasional exhibits over a period of two decades, the couple decided to put it up for auction in 2013.

At the RM Sotheby the car was sold to a secret buyer for a staggering $997,000, and the couple were of course delighted.

This is when Elon Musk stepped in, with it later being revealed that the Twitter owner made the car purchase.

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