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Doorbell Cam Footage Shows Boy Cracking Whip Against Black Family's Door In Texas

Doorbell Cam Footage Shows Boy Cracking Whip Against Black Family's Door In Texas

Ring cam footage shows a white boy cracking a whip against a Black family's door.

Warning: contains strong language and threats of force

Ring cam footage from Texas shows a young white boy cracking a whip against a Black family's door.

Last week, a nine-year-old white boy was recorded cracking a whip against the Nash family's door, sparking a series of events that would end with his father, Bryan Thomas Brunson, going to jail.

The news comes after 10 people were killed and three were left injured during a mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday, 14 May.

It all started when the nine-year-old approached the Nash family's home, pounding on the door and cracking his whip more than twice.

In the footage, Ms Nash then came outside and told the child to get away from her property: "Little boy, you better get your ass off my porch, beating on my door like this.

"I will call the police. You need to leave. Don’t you ever beat on my goddamn door like this. Go!"

As he left, the young boy was said to have damaged the family's car, as reported by the Independent.

Mr Nash went on to explain how his 'wife called the police right after the boy left with the whip. The officer said they can’t press charges as the kid was only nine years old'.

With the police not pressing charges, the Nash family was told to pursue alternative legal measures.

Sometime after the doorstep incident, Mr Nash went to the nine-year-old's house and complained to his father, Mr Brunson, about his behaviour.

Nash said: "Let me show you the video if you come outside and talk like adults. I am trying to have a civil conversation [...] your son hit my door with a whip and hit my car."

Brunson responded: "I don’t know but my son told me your boy jumped him on his way home."

After Nash explains that their sons don't go to the same school, Brunson can be heard on the video saying: "Get off my property because you ain’t coming over here talking nicely. You’re accusing my son."

As Nash leaves, the fathers can be heard swearing at each other, with Brunson also holding a gun.

Brunson then discharges his gun, with his daughter standing by him as it happens.

Following the incident, Brunson was arrested, with Kaufman County Constable Jason Kaufman saying: "We were lucky that round didn't strike that child or anyone else for that matter."

He went on to say that Brunson's gun was an illegal Ruger semi-automatic pistol, and that he accidentally discharged the gun when he was picking it up from the floor.

Following the incident, there has been an outpouring of support for the Nash family on social media, with Nash saying: "This is not acceptable. This is how things escalate. This is why we have things happening like the one in Buffalo because it starts with something like this. This stuff is taught, no one is born like this. I believe it is taught."

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Featured Image Credit: Welcome 2 Nashville/YouTube

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