Donald Trump Claims Americans Can Only Say ‘Merry Christmas’ Because Of Him

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Donald Trump has alleged that he saved the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ and is the only reason American people still feel able to use it. 

The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but apparently Trump is the one who saved it, after the former POTUS claimed America had grown ’embarrassed’ to use the saying until he brought it back into fashion again.

On Thursday, December 16, the 75-year-old alleged that the festive phrase started being used less when the country became ‘woke,’ and that it was only once he ‘started campaigning’ that people began saying it once more.

In an interview shared on Newsmax, former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee suggested to Trump that before he became president, the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ hadn’t been used for a ‘long period’ of time, Business Insider reports.

Huckabee voiced the opinion that it was only when Trump ‘deliberately’ decided to actively and ‘openly’ start saying the phrase again that ‘Merry Christmas’ started being used more frequently compared to the saying, ‘Happy Holidays’.

Trump stated:

That was part of my campaign. The country had started with this ‘woke,’ I guess, a little bit before that. And it was embarrassing for stores to say ‘Merry Christmas’.

You’d see these big chains, they want your money, but they don’t want to say ‘Merry Christmas.’ And they’d use reds, and they’d use whites and snow, but they wouldn’t say ‘Christmas.’

When I started campaigning, I said: ‘You’re going to say Merry Christmas again.’ And now people are saying it.

He called people who didn’t use the phrase ‘crazy’ and accused them of ‘wanting to stop [Christmas] along with everything else’.

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  1. Business Insider

    Trump claimed that Americans are only able to wish each other 'Merry Christmas' because he fought the 'woke' and 'crazy people' who wanted to cancel the greeting

  2. @newsmax/Twitter


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