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‘Dog Food Tester’ Salary Is Surprisingly High

‘Dog Food Tester’ Salary Is Surprisingly High

A TikToker has revealed just how much you can be paid to taste-test dog food.

A TikToker has revealed just how much you can be paid to taste-test dog food.

Matt Welland has taken to the platform to share information about some of the 'weirdest jobs in the world that actually pay well'.

So while the notion of eating dry biscuits that taste like gravy may not sound very appealing at first, after you find out just how much you could be paid, you may just consider giving up your day job.

While grimacing over the notion of shovelling dog food into your mouth, Welland explained how human taste-testers are required to 'check' it's okay.

He said, 'So yes, there's actually a job where a human eats the dog food to test it. And you can be paid around £150,000 a year. Not worth it though.'

TikToker Reveals How Much Dog Food Testers Are Paid.
@itsmattw_01/ TikTok

Alongside testing dog food, which according to Inside Jobs can actually make testers at least $34,000 a year and up to a whopping $100,000, Welland explained that other weird but well-paying jobs include roles such as body part modelling, in which you can 'make upwards of £5,000 a day', being a professional mourner, where you can be paid 'around £10,000' to 'go to a funeral and cry', and a professional iceberg mover, a role that 'came about after the sinking of the Titanic'.

'Iceberg movers tend to make over £200,000 a year,' he noted.

TikToker Reveals How Much You Can Be Paid To Taste Test Dog Food.

The post has since amassed more than 20,000 likes and 100 comments, with users having flooded to the video to weigh in on whether or not they would take up any of the bizarre jobs. One said, 'Well at least I now know eating all that dog food when I was younger is harmless.'

Another wrote, 'My friends sister once randomly ate dog food and they haven’t had a dog in three years.'

A third commented, 'Who tf grows up to 18 and goes hmmmm what do I want to be ooooooh I know a dog food tester also what tf do you have to study.'

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