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DEA Arrest Police Chief For Selling Meth

DEA Arrest Police Chief For Selling Meth

A chief of police has been arrested on suspicion of dealing methamphetamine.

A chief of police has been arrested on suspicion of dealing methamphetamine.

Last month, federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) officers received a tip-off that Calvin police chief Joe Don Chitwood was allegedly using and selling methamphetamine.

On Thursday, 12 May, the police chief was taken into custody.

Spokesperson for the OBN, Mark Woodward, told Fox23 authorities had 'received information about about a month ago circulating that this individual [was] possibly buying and selling [methamphetamine] in Hughes county'.

A 'confidential informant' was then used 'to purchase methamphetamine from Calvin Police Chief Joe Chitwood' according to an affidavit.

The audio of the transaction was reportedly recorded, allegedly documenting Chitwood instructing the informant to come and pick up 'some expletive' from 'his residence' – the expletive, authorities say, is a reference to methamphetamine.

Officials obtained a search warrant on Tuesday, 3 May. They 'took custody of a small glass container containing a crystal-like substance' from Chitwood's residence.

According to the affidavit, the substance tested positive for methamphetamine. Chitwood was arrested 'without incident'.

Woodward said: "This investigation began in mid-April after receiving information that Chitwood was both using and selling methamphetamine in Hughes County. OBN and DEA worked a joint investigation that resulted in Chitwood’s arrest."

The police chief's arrest was part of a wider investigation into the distribution of methamphetamine in southeast Oklahoma.

OBN Director Donnie Anderson stated: "Meth is the leading killer among drug-related deaths in Oklahoma.

"And for a peace officer to be responsible for putting more meth on the streets is a disgrace to the proud men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day to protect our citizens from the deadly consequences of substance abuse."

Special agent Eduardo A. Chávez, who is in charge of DEA Dallas, said illegal drug dealers come 'in many forms'.

He added: "Chief Chitwood used his authority to push drugs in Oklahoma disregarding the inherent harm they cause.

"DEA and our law enforcement partners will hold drug dealers accountable no matter who they are."

Chitwood now faces charges of meth distribution. He is set to appear in court on 24 May, 2022.

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Featured Image Credit: Hughes County Jail/Alamy

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