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D&D Expert Spots A Stranger Things Plot Hole And Suggests Way To 'Kill' Vecna

D&D Expert Spots A Stranger Things Plot Hole And Suggests Way To 'Kill' Vecna

The expert has revealed how he thinks Vecna can be killed

A D&D expert has shared how he thinks vena can be killed after spotting a plot hole in season 4 of Stranger Things.

Fans of the hit Netflix shows have come up with many theories on how Vecna can be defeated, but now one expert has shared his take on how he thinks things will play out.

Taking to Reddit, a self confessed D&D expert named Jeremy wrote a lengthy post to explain how his time as a D&D player has helped him spot a plot hole which could signal the end of Vecna.

Jeremy explains the history of Vecna in D&D describing him as an ancient "Lich-King". The small details to make Vecna similar to his D&D is what gave the expert a giveaway into how Vecna will meet his demise.

Jeremy wrote: "Traditionally, Liches always have something to bind them to the physical world, which D&D called a ‘Phylactery." He explained that this is similar to the concept of Horcruxes in Harry Potter.

He added: "In Stranger Things, my theory is that the Clock is his Phylactery, his bond to the world."

The expert then explained how in the first episode of Stanger Things season 4, the small figure of Vecna was a "true-to history moment" as he told fans that the Hand of Vecna, the Eye of Vecna, and the Sword of Kas were major relics which possessed whoever was unfortunate enough to encounter them.

Vecna is the terrifying villain Stranger Things' fourth season.

According to the expert, the duffer brothers snuck in a scene which shows Vecna with a damaged eye and not using one of his arms as if it is damaged.

Again, this hints that the show could follow a similar storyline to the game.

Jeremy also noted his excitement as the moment when Eleven tossed Vecna into the Upside Down, he made a deal with the Mind Flayer, as the expert predicted he would.

The prediction once again comes from the game where Vecna makes a number of deals.

Jeremy explained: "In the game, after Kas destroyed him, he was banished to another realm (Ravenloft, the spooky realm).

"He then made a large number of deals, using his ability to discern secrets, to return to the world of Greyhawk."

Jeremy then explained that while he didn't write any of the major adventures, his research into D&D has given him more insight into Vecna than most fans.

Stranger Things

The post has attracted more than 13k upvotes from Redditors and has over 1.3k comments from users who are excited by the prospects of knowing they could very well know how Vecna is defeated before the next season airs.

One user wrote: "This made me so excited for people who love it to see it (D&D) be handled with care in the show."

Fans will have to wait until season 5 to learn whether Jeremy's theory is correct.

The Duffer brother will begin writing season 5 fin August 2022 with filming likely to begin in 2023, meaning fans could be looking at 2024 release date for the fifth season.

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