David Beckham Sees Himself At 70 In New Ad For Malaria Campaign

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Malaria No More UK

David Beckham is 70 years old in a new advert campaigning to defeat malaria. 

In a short ad from Malaria No More, the legendary footballer stars as himself in a future where we’ve managed to conquer the disease. In 2019, more than 400,000 people died from malaria, according to the World Health Organization.

Thanks to some digital wizardry, the 45-year-old is given an elderly makeover while delivering a speech to a packed room.

Check out Beckham’s new malaria ad below: 


At the start of the ad, he says, ‘Today, our world has changed. We have defeated humankind’s oldest and deadliest enemy, a disease that has killed billions. More than any other in history. Today, we have ended malaria.’

He continues, ‘Thanks to scientists, leaders and people everywhere the world is now safer for us all. Future generations will be protected and the world will be stronger to defeat all diseases.’

David Beckham ElderlyMalaria No More UK

Then, in a quick switch back to the present, Beckham is his regular middle-aged self, still delivering a speech about the need to combat the disease.

He says, ‘Right now, the fight is harder than ever. And as a father, it breaks my heart that a child dies every two minutes from malaria. A future free from this disease is possible in our lifetimes. We must unite and tell our world leaders that we won’t stop until the job is done.’

Beckham then urges, ‘Join me and share to declare that Malaria Must Die so that millions can live.’ Beckham has been working with Malaria No More since 2009, ‘supporting campaigns and helping shine a light on the challenge’.

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In a statement, as per Metro, he said, ‘Their campaigns always use great creativity and innovation to attract attention to the issue and I’m delighted also to have met some of the inspiring people who are working so hard to end this disease.’

The elderly effect was achieved by using machine learning to analyse Beckham’s characteristics in combination with other special effects.

In a separate video, he said, ‘It’s something that I really care about because it’s a huge killer of children. At dinner, I’m talking to my kids and they’re saying… well, will it be ended? And I’m saying… yes, it will be.’

He added, ‘The work of scientists, the work of tech in this, is such an important part of it. We can end the disease that is the biggest killer, especially in children.’

Malaria is found in more than 100 countries all across Asia, Central and South America and some Pacific islands. However, it’s most prolific in parts of Africa.

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    David Beckham reveals what he’ll look like at 70 as he fronts malaria campaign

Cameron Frew
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