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Mom says son didn't deserve to lose life for $150 after he's killed in robbery

Mom says son didn't deserve to lose life for $150 after he's killed in robbery

Daryus Clarke, 20, was killed while working at the Plug Smoke Shop on Jamaica Avenue, New York City

A distraught mother has expressed her grief after her son was killed in a robbery shooting, saying he 'didn't deserve to lose his life for $150'.

Daryus Clarke, 20, was killed on Saturday (March 18) while working at the Plug Smoke Shop on Jamaica Avenue, New York City.

According to The Post, three assailants ran into the store at around noon before robbing the store, opening fire on the young clerk and fleeing the scene.

Officers returned to the store on Sunday and are still on the lookout for the culprits in what has been described as a senseless shooting.

Daryus Clarke was fatally shot while at work.
CBS New York

The thieves stole just $100 in cash and $50 in goods, with Daryus' mom Kiesha Clarke telling the outlet: "This was a senseless shooting especially over something as small as $150.

"My child didn’t deserve to lose his life over $150, and I think the mayor really needs to pay attention to that.

"Whether the smoke shop was legal or illegal, you know, these places still need to have security.

"These are people’s lives that are being put at danger. Every day, no matter where they’re working."

The incident is the latest in a string of violent attacks on smoke shops in New York, with cops previously telling The Post that it's a 'citywide problem'.

Smoke shop raids have been on the rise in New York City.
CBS News York

Armed robbers target these places as they are often cash businesses and many partake in the unlicensed selling of cannabis.

A Queens officer said last month: "The problem is you have to keep changing the list because new shops turn up overnight.

"It is a double win for criminals – they get both cash and marijuana."

Kiesha was none the wiser about the situation, and explained she would not have let her son work there had she known.

"I had no idea this was going on," she explained. "I had no idea they were killing people who worked in smoke shops.

"If I knew, there’s no way I would have let him work there."

Daryus' mom Kiesha Clarke is understandably devastated by the senseless attack.
CBS New York

The 41-year-old described Daryus as a 'very jovial, very happy boy,' adding: "He enjoyed playing his video games the most, and he loved his music. He was an aspiring rapper.

"He loved spending time with his father and me and his two brothers and his sister."

She continued: "I am in shock. I can’t even think right now. Yesterday, [Daryus] just went to do his regular shift. He wasn’t no gangbanger. He didn’t have no issues with anyone."

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677

Featured Image Credit: CBS New York / Alice Cox

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