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The curved part of a hammer actually has a purpose and people are only just realizing

The curved part of a hammer actually has a purpose and people are only just realizing

That curved part of the hammer 'ain't just there as a counterbalance you know?

People are only just realizing there's a special purpose to the curved part of a hammer and it's absolutely blowing their minds.

Let's assume everyone reading this knows what a hammer looks like since it'd be really difficult to make it this far in life without having a decent idea of the object's basic shape.

There's the handle, the smashy bit and the claw thing sticking out of the back and hey presto, your ideal and reliable tool of construction and demolition.

As far as tools go the hammer is so simple to operate, you hold it by the handle, hit things with the smashy bit and the curved part works as a handy counterweight.

This guy looks sort of like Jesus and he's got the carpentry skills to go with it.

That curved part is also pretty useful for removing wayward nails as you can use it like a claw to grasp the nail and use the full might of your impressive muscles to bear against it.

However, the curved part of the hammer actually has a whole other purpose lots of people didn't know about until now.

You already know how good the curved part of the hammer is at removing nails but it's actually also incredibly useful for hammering the nails in place.

'But Joe', I (figuratively) hear you cry, 'you're supposed to hammer the nails with the smashy bit' and that's true to a certain extent, you knowledgeable and DIY savvy reader who probably also knows the smashy bit is actually called the face.

When hammering a nail most people would hold it in place between thumb and forefinger to hammer it in with precision, hoping very much that they don't smash their fingers in the process.

The thing is, TikToker @sidneyraz has been blowing people's minds by showing a different way to do things by sticking the nail point outwards into the claw of the hammer and making the first hammer blow that way.

It's simple, wedge the nail in between the claws of the curved part, hammer it in place and then pull your tool free of the now-secured nail which should remain in place for you to safely hammer in fully.

It's as easy to remember as the instructions 'nail head, back of hammer, wedge' and that's all you need to be sure you're doing it right, just remember to be accurate with your first swing.

People were amazed to discover this technique, with one person saying Sidney should be 'teaching life classes' and another saying it was 'possibly the most useful thing I've ever learnt'.

Lots of people were lamenting that 'I've smashed my fingers for no reason', with others piling in to say their 'hurt fingers were for nothing'.

Now you know this useful trick you can do with a hammer, and I have been reliably informed that knowing is half the battle.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sidneyraz

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