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Crowd Run For Safety After Someone Storms Stage Saying 'I Have A Gun' At March For Our Lives Rally

Crowd Run For Safety After Someone Storms Stage Saying 'I Have A Gun' At March For Our Lives Rally

Someone shouting they had a gun almost caused a stampede at the March For Our Lives rally.

A crowd was forced to run for their own safety at the March For Our Lives rally after someone shouted they had a gun.

Tens of thousands of protesters had gathered at the rally on Saturday, 11 June in Washington DC to call for stricter gun laws in the US in the wake of yet more mass shootings.

19 children and two adults were killed at the latest school shooting in Uvalde, Texas on 24 May, while days earlier 10 people had been killed in a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.

They are the latest in a very long line of US mass shootings and calls for greater gun control laws are growing as people appeal to their politicians to do something other than offer thoughts and prayers.

But the rally this weekend was interrupted when demonstrators carrying placards and posters expressing their desire not to get murdered in yet another mass shooting were sent running after a man got onto the stage and shouted 'I have a gun'.

Take a look below:

Thankfully, any potential for a dangerous stampede which could have harmed the protesters was averted in a matter of seconds as someone got to a microphone and reassured everyone there was no danger.

They could be heard saying: 'Do not run, please do not run! There is no issue here! Do not run!'

Fortunately, the crowd quickly heeded the warning and came to a stop before serious harm was done.

One person was arrested in connection with the incident and police issued a statement which confirmed no weapons had been involved.

Speaking to Insider, activist Brandon Farbstein described how he and everyone around him immediately 'dropped like flies' when they heard the call to get down.

Protestors at the March For Our Lives rally in Washington DC are calling for tighter gun laws after a series of mass shootings.

He said: "We heard a commotion and screaming and then all of a sudden, somebody yelled, 'Everybody get down', and I'm unsure whether that came from security or another person in the crowd.

"We were so utterly petrified of what was going on, while not having any indication of what was happening."

The protesters have support from US President Joe Biden, who has called on Congress to 'pass common sense gun safety legislation'.

Attempts to make US gun laws safer are likely to be unsuccessful as the BBC reports that Republican politicians are expected to block possible legislation.

Demonstrators were forced to flee after someone in the crowd shouted they had a gun.

March For Our Lives - which was founded by survivors of the 2018 Parkland school shooting in Florida were 17 people were killed - have said they do not want to let politicians 'sit back' while more people die in mass shootings.

They have accused American politicians of killing people through their inaction over doing something about gun laws.

The group has also called for a ban on assault weapons, a universal set of background checks to be performed on a person before they can get a gun and a licensing system which would create a register of gun ownership.

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Featured Image Credit: C-Span

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