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Woman who says she was arrested for being 'too pretty' sentenced for killing her mom

Woman who says she was arrested for being 'too pretty' sentenced for killing her mom

Hend Bustami accused police of harassing her because of her looks during an incident at an airport.

A Las Vegas woman who once claimed she was arrested because she was 'too pretty' has now been sentenced for killing her mom.

Hend Bustami was arrested at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas last year after walking out of a restaurant without paying.

When police tracked the now-29-year-old down, officers say Bustami tried 'hindering their operations' and said 'she was being harassed because cops [had] never seen anyone as pretty as her,' according to the arrest report.

And it would appear that despite being 'pretty,' Bustami has found herself in trouble with the law once again, this time, having been sentenced for the murder of her mom.

Hend Bustami accused police of 'harassing' her for being too 'pretty'.

During the 2022 airport incident, Bustami is reported by KTLA 75 as being tracked down by officers who 'worked D gates' after they were alerted a woman was 'sleeping near the security checkpoint' matched the description of the customer who'd walked out of the Chili's restaurant in the airport without paying.

Officers say Bustami became 'belligerent' when they later found her in the baggage claim area - reports stating she appeared intoxicated - and she went on to accuse officials of 'harassing' her because of her appearance.

The report continued: "[Bustami said] that she was going to spit on all [the officers] and that officers were perverts and were trying to rape her because they [had] never seen anyone as good looking."

Despite arguing she was being targeted by police for her looks, Bustami was charged with violating airport conduct. And a few months later, she came under the scrutiny of officials yet again - this time for a much more serious crime.

Bustami was arrested just last year after a run-in with officials at the airport.
Facebook/ Hend Bustami

Months after the airport incident, Bustami was arrested over the murder of her mother 61-year-old Afaf Hussanen.

Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS-TV obtained an audio recording from Bustami's 911 phone call.

Bustami can be heard on the recording requesting medical assistance, before saying: "I think I killed my mommy."

She later says: "I murdered her. [...] I broke the table on her head and I broke it."

Authorities later discovered Bustami in California, where she was found 'covered in blood' KLAS reports. Hussanen was found dead at a home in Las Vegas, having suffered from multiple stab wounds.

Bustami pleaded 'guilty but mentally ill'.
Facebook/ Hend Bustami

Bustami was charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon and pleaded 'guilty but mentally ill'.

She has since been sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, but KTNV reports she will have access to 'any mental health treatment and programs while incarcerated'.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/ LVMPD

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