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Serial killer reveals the one thing that stopped him becoming mass murderer in disturbing interview
Featured Image Credit: Toho-Towa

Serial killer reveals the one thing that stopped him becoming mass murderer in disturbing interview

Edmund Kemper killed ten people, including his own mother and grandparents

A shocking video shows a serial killer describing the full extent of his terrifying thoughts and wants.

If you've ever wondered the sorts of things which might go through the mind of someone capable of becoming a killer, then look no further.

A content warning however, the disturbing admissions of killer Edmund Kemper are not for the faint hearted, and this article contains descriptions of murder and sexual assault.

Kemper is known to have killed ten people, including a 15-year-old girl and his own mother and grandparents.

These were in fact the first murders he committed, when he was himself only 15 years old.

After a fight with his grandma, he took a gun and shot her dead, later shooting his grandpa dead when he arrived home.

The murderer later described how he had felt in the aftermath of that, and how only one thing had prevented him from becoming a mass murderer.

In a disturbing interview, he said: "I'm up living with my grandparents in the mountains and 10 months later I murdered them, and it made it worse to be on top of a mountain.

Edmund Kemper.

"I was literally on top of a mountain when it happened. And I could sense, I sensed everybody in the world stop what they were doing, turning around, saw what I did and are coming to get me."

The paranoia put Kemper into a terrifying state.

He explained: "I knew I was paranoid at that moment. I knew anybody that came up there and give me a funny look or a fishy eye or quizzical look, I'd have blown their brains out thinking they were coming to get me and if I had been in a city I would have been a mass murderer at age 15."

So the only thing that stopped him from killing more people was that the murders happened in an isolated area, so a lack of opportunity.

Kemper killed ten people.
Bettmann / Contributor

He continued: "I would have killed until they gunned me down, I wouldn't have been able to reason my way out of it. I was scared to death and I was violent."

His grandparents were not the only people that Kemper killed though, with his mother also being among them.

He said: "I've wanted to kill my mother since I was eight years old, and I'm not proud of that."

It was years later that Kemper would go on another killing spree, this time targeting young female hitch hikers.

After killing his victims, Kemper would decapitate them and sexually assault their corpses.

He is serving life imprisonment in the California Medical Facility.

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