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Doctor on reality show Below Deck arrested and accused of stealing identities of cast members
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@drfrancismartinis

Doctor on reality show Below Deck arrested and accused of stealing identities of cast members

The doctor and his wife featured as guests on Below Deck

A doctor who appeared on the reality TV show Below Deck has been arrested and accused of stealing the identities of cast members.

According to law enforcement officials, Dr. Francis Martinis took part in the alleged illegal scheme to obtain prescription drugs.

The urologist, who is based in Fort Salonga, has been arrested, as well as his wife Jessica.

The pair - who both starred in the Bravo reality show franchise - have been accused of using the personal information of other cast members to write bogus prescriptions for oxycodone.

Investigators have alleged that the scheme started to unfold earlier this year, as Jessica visited a pharmacy in Kings Park, as she attempted to fill a bogus oxycodone prescription.

Dr. Francis Martinis in season seven of Below Deck.

After that happened in January, a pharmacist raised concerns over the hand-written prescription, subsequently calling the police.

An investigation that followed found the doctor had allegedly sent dozens of prescriptions for oxycodone to Suffolk County pharmacies over a two-year period.

Law enforcement officials said the prescriptions were fake, subsequently written under names of two members of the TV series.

It was found that Jessica would pick up all the perceptions over the long period, paying in cash, which was apparently all part of the plan.

The couple deny the charges.

The married couple were arrested in May and charged with eight counts of criminal sale of controlled substance and falsifying business records.

Speaking to NBC New York, New York Homeland Security Director Michael Balboni explained the seriousness of the charges the pair face.

"He abused the celebrity position that he had on that ship to take the identities of his crew members - if that is proven - and then use that to buy drugs, that is a common scheme for a common criminal," he said.

The married couple have been arrested.

"Prosecutors will want to send a message to all other physicians -- you have special access to these drugs, you know how they work and if you do this you will be prosecute."

Investigators are not revealing whether the couple was using or reselling the drugs, or even both.

Following the conclusion of Below Deck, the doctor and wife duo attended numerous promotional events, including with other crew members.

Peter A. Crusco, the attorney representing the couple, said: "The evidence will show the charges are bogus and cannot be substantiated."

The couple is scheduled to appear in court today (14 December).

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