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Cop Explains Why Police Officers Always Touch The Back Of Cars They Pull Over

Cop Explains Why Police Officers Always Touch The Back Of Cars They Pull Over

A police officer has taken to TikTok to reveal why officials tap the back of any vehicle they pull over.

A police officer has taken to TikTok to answer questions about being a cop, such as why they always seem to tap the back of any vehicle they pull over.

If you've ever been unfortunate enough to have been pulled over by police while driving then you may have noticed that the officer pats the back of your car.

Or maybe you were too distracted and consumed with complete and utter terror, desperately trying to figure out what you could've done that made them pull you over.

Whichever one, Officer Tony Messer has since revealed all, posting a TikTok video to explain why cops perform the gesture.

Catch the clip here:

Messer said the question is 'probably one of the top three questions' he gets asked about as a policeman.

The officer explained that touching the back of a vehicle when approaching a 'traffic stop' is to 'leave fingerprints'.

"These fingerprints is just incase the worst of the worst happens when you approach the driver.

"If a driver was to flee after committing a crime, this would link the vehicle and your fingerprints together to give the detectives another piece of evidence," he said.

Part of the reason why police touch the back of a car if they pull it over is to leave fingerprints.

Officer Messer noted that police officials 'around the nation' may have 'different points' so invited other officers to take to the comments.

One said: "I do it for fingerprints and to be sure the trunk is closed to avoid a possible ambush."

"As a retired LEO, I touched the truck if it was a car to insure that it was not unlatched. The DC sniper case is a good example. Fingerprints were 2nd," another said.

A third commented: "I’ve been trained in military law enforcement we touch it to feel for kidnapped victims from them moving around in the trunk on top of what you said."

Police officers also touch the rear of the car to ascertain if there's anyone in the boot.

In an interview with News 6, traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero echoed the explanations of Officer Messer and other cops in the TikTok video's comments.

He noted: "When law enforcement officers conduct a traffic stop, there are plenty of procedures that need to be done, not only for the safety of the violator, but for the safety of that officer."

Montiero then reiterated that the patting of the trunk is not only to make sure it's 'properly secured' but also to leave fingerprints and tie the vehicle and officer together.

The patting of the rear of the vehicle subsequently acts as a safety precaution for the officer should something happen to them.

Some users questioned why the practice is necessary if an officer has already called in the tag and description of the car or has dashcam footage.

"Plates could always be improper," Officer Messer replied.

One user added: "No matter the reason for the touch the nerve it takes to walk up not knowing is amazing. Much pride and respect."

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Featured Image Credit: @mr.alexaa/TikTok

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