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Conspiracy Theorists Convinced Kamala Harris Is Really President After Biden Makes Mistake In Speech

Emily Brown


Conspiracy Theorists Convinced Kamala Harris Is Really President After Biden Makes Mistake In SpeechPA Images

Conspiracy theorists are convinced that Vice President Kamala Harris is actually president after Joe Biden mistakenly labelled her as such during a press conference. 

Biden was offering an update on the progress of the coronavirus vaccination rollout in the US on Thursday, March 18, when he referred to his second-in-command as ‘President Harris’.


He momentarily paused after making the blunder, indicating he recognised he’d misspoken somehow, before carrying on.

You can watch the moment Biden made the mistake below:

During the press conference, he said: ‘Now when President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination centre in Arizona not long ago, one of the nurses on that, on that tour injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot was like administering a dose of hope.’


Biden most likely meant to say ‘Vice President Harris and I’, with the mistake being simply a slip of the tongue, but conspiracy theorists are convinced that the blunder was actually indication of an entire political plot.

Breitbart News, a hub of alt-right information, called out Biden on Twitter as it shared a video of the press conference and asked: ‘Why did Joe Biden just call Kamala “President Harris?”’

Rumours about the mistake spread quickly across the internet, with many conservative conspiracy theorists expressing their belief that Democrats are planning on ousting Biden and replacing him with Harris.


One person wrote:

They’re conditioning everyone for the exchange. She will replace him at some point but they need to normalize it for the masses first.

Another commented:

He knows he’s not really the President…just a figure head who does what he’s told.


If the theories were true, Biden would presumably have to be in on the plan for him to refer to Harris as president, and to be on board with being ousted despite having gone through the effort of campaigning and earning his place in the Oval Office.

The suggestion that Harris is being primed to take over from Biden is one that Donald Trump promoted during the 2020 election, when he claimed that Democrats were planning to use the 25th Amendment to put Harris in power. The Republican alleged that Biden was suffering from mental decline and that Democrats only used him as a means to win the election.

bidenPA Images

Biden has made similar verbal blunders in the past, having previously wrongly referred to Harris as ‘president-elect’ and describing one of his presidential primary challengers, Senator Corey Booker, as president in a 2019 primary debate. The president has previously explained his blunders as the result of a stutter he has had for his entire life.

Rather than being an indication of a huge overhaul, then, Biden’s mistake is more likely just that – a mistake.

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Emily Brown
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