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Baffling Clouds Look Like A Tsunami In Mesmerising Footage

Baffling Clouds Look Like A Tsunami In Mesmerising Footage

Social media users have branded the footage 'terrifying'

Social media users have been left blown away by huge rolling clouds that ‘look like a tsunami’.

Footage of the unusual cloud formation - known as arcus or, more aptly, roll cloud - shows a huge formation of clouds rolling towards a row of neat houses on otherwise empty street.

At first glance, the unusual clouds do look a bit like waves - and more than likely gave whoever had their eyes to the skies at the time quite a fright.

Take a look below:

It was shared on Reddit alongside the caption: “I was under the impression it was a tsunami. I've never seen clouds like this before.” 

The post has since gone viral, racking up more than 80,000 upvotes and attracting thousands of comments from people who thought it was ‘terrifying’.

One person wrote: “I've literally had apocalyptic nightmares that looked just like this while I'm holding the hands of my children.”

Someone else commented: “That looked like the massive planetary tidal wave in Interstellar. I legitimately screamed when I saw that in the theatres. This looks just like that. Absolutely terrifying and majestic!”

People have been left baffled by the sight of the cloud formation.

Another said: “I saw clouds like this once, while driving. Came around a bend and slammed on my brakes (like everyone else) because it legitimately looked like a huge wave was about to crash down on us. It was incredible. Really beautiful after I understood I wasn’t about to die.”

While a fourth joked: “I’d be packing my car and getting the f**k out of there. I’ve seen Independence Day, I know how this ends.”

Arcus clouds are former near the edge of thunderstorms, when relatively cool air moves ahead into the warmer and damper air that’s feeding the storm. 

The clip is believed to have been filmed in Cincinnati, Ohio - similar cloud formations filmed in the city have been shared online in recent days. 

It is believed the clip has come from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cincinnati has been battered by storms this week, resulting in damage to trees and property. 

on Monday with around 90,000 people left without power due to outages caused by the bad weather. 

In a statement, energy supplier Duke said the outages were caused by ‘storms that ripped through the greater Cincinnati area earlier this evening took down numerous trees, powerlines and poles’ and in an update on Wednesday confirmed power had been returned to most homes.

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Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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