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Cliff jumper explains why flipping is ‘way easier’ than diving straight

Cliff jumper explains why flipping is ‘way easier’ than diving straight

Jay Briggs described how it feels jumping off a cliff.

A cliff jumper has explained why flipping is much easier than diving straight. See what he says here:

Jay Briggs joined the Profoundly Pointless podcast to reveal what goes through his mind when he's on the edge of a cliff before a jump.

"Doing flips off a high cliff is way easier than just straight jumping," he said.

"Jumping just straight is horrifying and I’m telling you every cliff jumper in the world will tell you jumping straight is so much scarier than doing a flip.

"When I’m doing a flip my mind’s occupied, I’m thinking about stuff - 'Where are my feet? Where’s my body? Where’s the water?' I’m looking at stuff. I’m thinking the whole time, right? So by the time I see the water I’m like ‘Cool I got like milliseconds and I’m done, cool everything’s great’, right?

Back flips are apparently less scary.

“But if I straight jump, I’m just staring at the water the entire time and it feels like it’s twice as high. Cause I've dived off a sixty footer, a straight jump, a few months ago in Oregon and it felt - it was only 60 feet - and I’ve jumped it like multiple times before but it felt like it was like 200 feet tall and like I got butterflies because just straight jumping is terrifying.”

Briggs has just under 20,000 followers on Instagram, where he shares incredible clips from his thrill-seeking adventures.

One TikTok user wrote: “Jumping straight is more thrilling [though] the rush is different.”

Another viewer said: “I agree. It’s scarier, straight jumping.”

A third penned: “Naw straight jumping [is] easier”.

Someone else disagreed with Briggs, writing: “I like straight jumping,” while a fifth commenter added: “But straight jumping is better than potentially belly flopping or landing on [your] head like wdym it’s scarier”.

And a sixth typed: “This is the truest thing I’ve heard all day.”

Briggs shares footage of his adventures on Instagram.

While another TikTok account joked: “Knowing me I’d probably land on my back or stomach so I always straight jump.”

Meanwhile, in news that might scare even the most avid daredevils, a skydiver smashed into the ground and broke his spine while taking part in a 'deadly' stunt.

Josh Poly, from San Jose, California, suffered three spinal fractures and snapped his tailbone in half after the crash landing in October 2020.

He was skydiving with friends near his home at the time in Los Gatos, California when the freak incident took place.

Poly was rushed to hospital and tests showed that he his L3 and 5 vertebrae had compressed and the accident 'burst' the L4 vertebrae in his spine. He suffered multiple fractures, in addition to his tailbone injury and splintering parts of his ankle bones off.

Despite his injuries, he was sent home from hospital the same day and made a full recovery just four months later without the need for surgery.

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