CIA Challenges Budding Spies To Spot The Differences Between Two Photos


CIA Challenges Budding Spies To Spot The Differences Between Two PhotosCIA

Many of us like to wonder what it would really be like to be a secret agent, travelling to exotic locations and getting to test all sorts of futuristic gadgets.

Of course, to paraphrase Liam Neeson, in order to be a good spy, you first need to have a very ‘particular set of skills’. These skills should include the power of observation, with the ideal agent being able to spot things that would go over most people’s heads.


Now the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has posted a ‘spot the difference’ brainteaser and asked would-be spies to find 10 differences between the two. I only managed to clock nine, so I don’t think I’ll be recruited any time soon, but see if you can beat me:

The two pictures show what at first sight appears to be two identical street scenes. However, when you look a little close it becomes apparent that there are subtle but important differences between them. Differences that would be significant for those looking out for anything suspicious.

According to a follow up tweet from the CIA:


If you found more than 10 differences, you practised good tradecraft. Always look for opportunities to learn more.

Some very on-the-ball individuals have spotted 11 or 12 differences between the two pics, suggesting they would make excellent CIA employees. One bloke even bragged, ‘Got them in 10 seconds. (Hold sideways, cross your eyes and line them up and the differences pop right out).’

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