Children Collapse After Vaping Fake Cannabis Oil Laced With Spice

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Children Collapse After Vaping Fake Cannabis Oil Laced With SpiceAlamy/GM Trends/MANDRAKE

Several children have been taken to hospital after vaping a fake cannabis oil laced with the synthetic drug Spice. 

According to experts, children as young as 12 in Greater Manchester are being targeted by drug dealers on Snapchat.

The news comes as several children have reportedly collapsed after unexpectedly vaping the potentially deadly substance.

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According to the Greater Manchester Testing and Research on Emergent and New Drugs report, 10ml bottles of the e-liquid supposed to contain THC were being sold on Snapchat for £10.

By comparison, genuine cannabis oil products typically sell for between £40 and £60, Manchester Evening News reports.

According to the report, a 15-year-old boy from Trafford was hospitalised, and during another incident three children from a Rochdale school collapsed and were taken to hospital after inhaling the substance.

The headteacher of the Rochdale school said the children were ‘blue lighted to hospital at the time’.

They continued:

So I knew, when these kids were collapsing, I knew obviously something was wrong and I knew that they couldn’t just be taking something that they thought that they bought from a shop that’s supposedly had cannabis in or something like that.


Elsewhere in the report, a health service manager in Oldham said:

We have seen an increase in A&E attendances that states ‘vape unknown substance’ symptoms that suggest they have vaped Spice.

Two THC e-liquids were tested in connection with the hospitalisation of children in Trafford and Bury. Both substances tested were found to contain synthetic cannabinoids used to make Spice.

While the report added that the use of THC vapes remained low among children, the ‘availability and use’ is expanding.

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    Children collapse in school after vaping fake cannabis oil laced with Spice for £10 a bottle

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