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Chick-Fil-A customer left too upset to eat after employee wrote n***r on her receipt

Chick-Fil-A customer left too upset to eat after employee wrote n***r on her receipt

The teenager was deeply upset after receiving her order from Chick-Fil-A

A Chick-Fil-A customer was unable to eat her food after she saw the word 'n***r' written on her receipt.

Nyiashia Jackson headed down to her local, and previously her favourite, drive-thru in Charlotte, North Carolina, last week for some food.

However, things took a very sinister turn when the 19-year-old received her order and saw the apparent slur - which had only one 'G' - written across the paper bag and a soda cup.

Disgusted by the note, the teenager was so upset that she was unable to eat.

Speaking about the incident, her mom April said she shouldn't have had to go through it.

"You shouldn't have to be trained not to call someone a n***r," she said. "I'm just being as honest as I can be.

"I was really, really upset and sad. She told her her name was Nyiashia, and she put on her ticket "N****"'."

Nyiashia said that she had actually been warned by an employee at the Brookshire Blvd restaurant before seeing the note for herself.

"He was like, 'you might want to look what they put your name as'," she said, speaking from the car park.

Nyiashia Jackson was disgusted when she saw a racial slur on her receipt.

"I was just in shock. I literally parked right there, I was just couldn't eat the food, I was just in shock."

In a statement, Chick-Fil-A said it was sorry for the incident and also claimed, however, that it was simply a 'misspelling of the customer’s name'.

"It is Chick-fil-A, Inc.’s expectation that guests at all Chick-fil-A restaurants are treated with honor, dignity, and respect," it said in a statement.

"The Operator/Owner of Chick-fil-A Mountain Island has thoroughly investigated and tried to connect with the customer to better understand her experience and apologize for the situation.

"Though we understand this to be a misspelling of the customer’s name, that does not negate the impact or experience had by our guests. The Operator has started additional training at his restaurant to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We sincerely apologize for the harm caused by this incident.”

The restaurant claims it was a 'misspelling of her name'.

Despite the apology, however, April said that simply wouldn't cut it.

Responding to the statement, she said that it was utterly appalling and neither she nor anyone else should have to experience that kind of bigotry.

"I want the employee to be fired, that most definitely," the mother said.

"I feel like a lot people in there should be fired because Chick-fil-A, this was in your screen. This was a ticket that was printed not once but twice."

UNILAD has contacted Chick-fil-A for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: ABC7

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