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Former NFL star lived in his team's stadium for two years because he didn't want to spend any money

Former NFL star lived in his team's stadium for two years because he didn't want to spend any money

Chad Ochocinco could have spend his wages on all sorts, but decided to save cash by living in the Cincinnati Bengals' stadium

One of the great players of the NFL lived in his team’s stadium for two years in order to keep more of his cash for himself.

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson played as a wide receiver for 11 seasons in the NFL across a career with the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals, making the Pro Bowl on six occasions and being selected All-Pro on four occasions.

He led the league for receiving yards in 2006, but had been leading the league in frugality for years before that.

We know that because he’s recently revealed that he lived in the Bengals stadium for two years in order to save a bit of money and – crucially – because he had everything there for him.

Not only that, it meant that he didn’t have to spend any money in his rookie years.

Chad Ochocinco during his NFL years at the Cincinnati Bengals.
REUTERS/ Alamy Stock Photo

Whereas many new players might have splashed the cash on cars or clothes, or whatever they want really – it’s their money – Chad was living the simple life in Paycor Stadium, which was formerly know as the Paul Brown Stadium.

Speaking on Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast, he explained: “As a rookie coming into the league, I stayed at the stadium my first two years because there was no point in spending money and wasting money when everything I need is already there.

“What’s the point? Why are you telling me to go rent a house, go buy a house, or go rent a condo when everything I need is right here in the facility?

“Showers, cafeteria, TV, couch, gaming system. What’s the point?

“I was so locked in. It wasn’t about having my own space.”

Johnson went on to claim that this attitude set the platform for his successful career, so maybe there is something in it.

Ochocinco continued: “I needed that one year lock in to catch the rhythm. In the second year I got that rhythm.”

Home sweet home for Chad.
Scott Meyer/Alamy Stock Photo

Eventually, the Bengals coach Marvin Lewis told him that he should get his own place, which is what he did.

Still, he remains a thrifty dude, saying that he never bought any jewellery or stuff like that with his considerable fortune.

He even reckons he saved 80 percent of his playing salary.

“There is nothing I can buy that’s bigger than my name alone,” he said.

“Everybody is caught up in image, and looking a certain way, being rich. It’s pointless.”

Well, that’s a refreshing take on it, perhaps?

Featured Image Credit: Zuma Press, Inc. / Stephanie Sellers / Alamy Stock Photo

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