Candace Owens Says The US Should Invade Canada

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Candace Owens Says The US Should Invade Canada

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Canada's trucker protests appear to be calming down, but Candace Owens isn't over it - she wants the US to invade the great white north.

The protests originated among truck drivers opposed to vaccine mandates for those re-entering the country from the US, but the disruptive blockades evolved into demonstrations against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who's attracted the furore of Elon Musk and MCU star Evangeline Lilly amid the controversy.

While the so-called 'Freedom Convoy' has received support, Trudeau exercised his powers in invoking the Emergencies Act, enabling law enforcement to arrest protesters if they didn't disperse. As a result, 170 people were arrested over the weekend, with weapons seized and bank accounts frozen for funding the protesters.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Alamy)
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Alamy)

Trudeau dubbed the protesters as a 'fringe' element in a country broadly supportive of vaccine mandates, also citing most truckers being vaccinated anyway. 'It's high time that these illegal and dangerous activities stop,' he recently said.

Owens isn't convinced by Trudeau, to the point she thinks President Joe Biden should focus the US military northwards, rather than thinking about the brink-of-war developments in Russia.

'STOP talking about Russia. Send American troops to Canada to deal with the tyrannical reign of Justin Trudeau Castro. He has fundamentally declared himself dictator and is waging war on innocent Canadian protesters and those who have supported them financially,' she wrote in a series of tweets regarding Canada.

Sharing footage of the protests, Owens also wrote, 'I’m in love Canadians right now. Never posted so many maple leafs in my life.

'Globalists and their minions are upset that their usual 'But Muh Russia' tricks are not working to shift focus against the tyranny taking place in the west. Any person that purports to be for the people and against authoritarianism should be talking Canada and #BlackfaceHitler,' she tweeted.

'Moms at school board meetings? Domestic terrorists! Truckers that don’t want chemicals mandated into their arms? Domestic terrorists! Millions of people who donated to them across the world? Domestic terrorists! ENOUGH. We all know it’s government doing the terrorising.'

For reference, Owens has suggested a US invasion before... in Australia, in response to the country's COVID restrictions. 'When do we invade Australia and free an oppressed people who are suffering under a totalitarian regime? When do we spend trillions of dollars to spread democracy in Australia?' she earlier said.

The US has no plans to invade Canada at the time of writing.

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Cameron Frew
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