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Terrified crowd react as bull escapes rodeo in heart-stopping footage

Terrified crowd react as bull escapes rodeo in heart-stopping footage

The intercom speak only made matters worse by screaming 'STAY CALM' over and over again

Shocking footage has emerged showing the moment a bull escaped a rodeo before rampaging his way through a terrified crowd.

While the animal was most likely confused and scared himself, people in the crowd clambered up the stadium to try and avoid getting gored.

A number of staff surrounding the fence try to distract the bull and get him back into the centre as a person ironically screams 'stay calm' over the intercom.

Attendants in the background can be heard screeching and panicking as the rogue cattle storms his way around the stadium.

Eventually one of the rodeo cowboys – who stays firmly on top of his horse the whole time – uses a lasso to grab the poor animal and drag him back to the ring. It doesn't appear anyone was injured amidst the chaos.

The clip was shared by Reddit user Dapper-Masterpiece29, where it's since received thousands of comments from the online community.

Many praised the man who lassoed the bull, with one writing, "That dude with the lasso don't play."

And of course someone made the joke 'for sure not his first rodeo'.

There were also plenty of rodeo experts who emerged to share their insights into the technique on display, including this person who said: "The cowboy roped the bull, then 'took a dally' around the saddle horn.

"Most western saddles have rubber strips wrapped around the saddle horn for grip. After roping a cow, the cowboy wraps the end of the rope around the saddle horn a couple times and uses the horses strength to stop the cow rather than his hands."

Others commented on the ironic intercom speaker. "I feel like the announcer shouting STAY CALM in an obviously panicked voice was not really helping," wrote one.

The bull looked like he was trying to escape.

"The irony of the guy over the intercom screaming 'Stay calm'," said another, while a third described it as 'very ineffective and panic-inducing'.

Then again, would you be able to stay calm with a bull on the loose?

And then there were those who were simply concerned about the welfare of the bull, pointing out that it seemed likely he was just looking to make a run for it.

"Bull not even interested in those pitiful creatures that surround him. He just wants to get tf out of there," said one.

Another chimed in: "More worried about the bull at this point it just looks confused and scared."

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Featured Image Credit: Dapper-Masterpiece-29/Reddit

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