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Boy, 10, hailed hero after saving mum from drowning after suffering seizure

Boy, 10, hailed hero after saving mum from drowning after suffering seizure

A quick-thinking 10-year-old boy saved his mother after she had a seizure in a pool

A 10-year-old boy who saved his mum's life after she had a seizure in a swimming pool has been hailed as a hero.

A security camera caught the moment 10-year-old Gavin Keeney saved his mother from drowning after she had a seizure in a pool at their home in Enos, Oklahoma.

Footage shows mother Lori struggling in the pool before Gavin leaps into the water to pull his mum to safety and rescue her from drowning.

Paying tribute to her son in a Facebook post, Lori praised Gavin for 'literally saving my life' by helping get her out of the water before she drowned.

She wrote: "I'm okay, I took in just a little water we think before Gavin got me.

"I can't believe I just said that. I can't believe I'm typing this. I CAN believe what I saw in Gavin, my little hero.

"I just can't believe he HAD to do it and that's what breaks my heart. Thank you God for putting this wonderful little human into my life."

10-year-old Gavin Keeney saved his mother from drowning after she had a seizure.
Facebook/Lori Keeney

Lori explained that just before her seizure Gavin had just got out of the family pool and was sitting nearby when he heard her in trouble.

She wrote that he managed to get her over to the pool ladder and stop her from drowning before her dad arrived to help get her out of the water.

Her dad Stephen was alerted to the danger by the barking of the family dogs who followed Gavin over to the pool and raised a ruckus to make it clear something was wrong.

It marks the second time in a little over a year that Gavin has helped save his mother's life, having given her the Heimlich manoeuvre when she was choking on food.

He then called 911 and directed firefighters who showed up and were able to clear her airway and save her.

Hailed as a hero, Gavin kept his mum out of the water until her dad could get there and help her out of the pool.
Facebook/Lori Keeney

People who have seen the security footage have hailed Gavin a 'hero' and an 'amazing brave young man', while others extended their condolences to Lori for having to go through such a scary experience.

Many said she'd 'raised an amazing young man' who they described as 'truly magnificent', while others tipped young Gavin for a future role in the emergency services for his quick response to save his mum.

Gavin isn't the only 10-year-old who has had to save a parent from drowning, as earlier this year twin brothers Christian and Bridon saved their dad using CPR moves they learned watching TV.

The pair were able to get their father out of the water and performed mouth-to-mouth, while a neighbour flagged down a passing car and got the driver to call an ambulance.

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Lori Keeney

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