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Boss Leaves Furious Note Begging For 'Boomer' Employees While Slamming Gen-Z Work Ethic

Boss Leaves Furious Note Begging For 'Boomer' Employees While Slamming Gen-Z Work Ethic

The small business owner has been slammed for the message

A small business owner has been slammed for a furious 'anti Gen Z' note left in their shop window.

The owner has been called out for asking to replace their 'Gen Z' workforce for 'baby boomers'.

The note read: "I apologise for us closing again.

Kevin Steele/Facebook

"My two new cashiers quit because I said their boyfriends couldn't stand here for their entire shift," the note continued. "Don't hire Gen Z's – they don't know what work actually means. Now hiring! Baby boomers only."

The image has been shared online and many have questioned the owner's controversial opinion.

One user said: "That's a pretty awful and ageist sign. I'm pretty young and I work 48 hours a week and never sit once while I'm on the clock! There are people who are young and hard working."

They added: "There are also many boomers I know of who don't do anything. It's all about attitude, upbringing, and motivation."

Some believed that the business owner was coming at the situation in the wrong way.

Another commented: "Please take time to sit on the clock. You shouldn't be proud of damaging your body for a boss that doesn't care.

"It's sick that this culture is normalised – people need to stop with the 'grindset' and take care of themselves."

Another added: "I once had a job where I was required to stand eight hours a day.

"I didn't DO much, yet I wasn't allowed to sit because it would look 'unprofessional'.

"Me cleaning the same spot over again didn't make me look 'busy' but it definitely wrecked my back."


A fourth person wrote: "I worked in a convenience store when I was twenty. It was a small town and I worked 2pm-10pm alone.

"It was a 24 hour store and my baby boomer relief would often come in drunk."

They added: 'I'd have to call my manager to send her home, and I'd close at midnight because we had no one else.

"My boyfriend would come up for those last two hours and help me clean up and sometimes play scratch offs (that he paid for) and one day I came into a passive aggressive note posted about not allowing our boyfriends to hang out and scratch lottery tickets.

"I quit less than two weeks later."

While some thought it was questionable to call out 'Gen Z', others were confused by claims that employees would need their boyfriends present at work, MailOnline reports.

'But why did two employees have boyfriends standing next to them their entire shift? Were they feeling unsafe in the working environment and needed support?' someone asked.

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