Boris Johnson Does Not Rule Out Christmas Lockdown

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Boris Johnson hasn’t ruled out a lockdown over the Christmas period. 

In a briefing at Downing Street today, November 15, the Prime Minister addressed rumours about restrictions being tightened over the festive season.


While Johnson ‘doesn’t see anything in the current data’ for England to ‘go to Plan B’, the PM warned the government ‘clearly cannot rule anything out’.


Johnson noted that ‘Plan B’ would be a ‘few steps short of lockdown, which nevertheless would require more restrictions’ when questioned by BBC’s Fergus Walsh over the possibility of the country locking down amid the winter celebrations.

He said: 


The most important thing people can do to prevent further NPI’s being taken, Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions that is, further restrictions, is to get the boosters.

It’s going well, the numbers are climbing, 12.6 million is a huge number to have hit. The GP’s are hitting it out of the park again, they’re doing an amazing job and they’re getting loads of jabs into loads of arms. We’re now at 75% for the over 70’s, more for the over 75-79 group and over 80’s.

Johnson noted that the rate of vaccinations is ‘starting to build a lot of momentum’. ‘But we need to see those 50+ and 60+ groups who can also wind up in hospital very, very easily, getting their booster as soon as you’re called forward to get it. That’s the best protection we can have,’ he said.

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The booster jabs will be rolling out to everyone over the age of 40 from next week, according to Johnson, BBC reports.


The PM urged people to get vaccinated ‘as soon as possible’ and that it would be an ‘utter tragedy’ if booster jabs weren’t also being taken.

Johnson concluded that ‘so far, 75% of everybody over 70’ have gotten their booster vaccinations, but that it is ‘that further 25% which will make all the difference to the winter, to Christmas, to our plans going forward’.

If you’ve been affected by coronavirus and want up to date advice, visit the help page here. If you need medical help call NHS 111 or visit online

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