Boris Johnson Branded A ‘Disgrace’ After Being Spotted ‘Asleep With No Mask’ At COP26


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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become the subject of an internet roasting after he was spotted ‘asleep with no mask’ at the COP26 meeting held in Glasgow.

Despite the climate crisis being an emergency, with a terrifying map showing the extent of just how many homes could be flooded in Britain by 2050, Johnson remained calm in the face of adversity – even taking to closing his eyes for a quick power nap.


It’s becoming a recurring trend to fall asleep in important meetings about the climate crisis, after fellow leader US President Joe Biden was recorded getting some shuteye at the climate summit, on the morning of November 1.

Despite 120 world leaders being in attendance of the climate change conference in Glasgow, it appears that not all 120 were totally present, and Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg’s shouting didn’t appear to wake Biden or Johnson up either.

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Johnson has since been criticised online, as not only did he nod off during the important meeting, but he did so without a mask.


While he may have previously announced plans to make sure global temperature increases are kept to one-and-a-half degrees Celsius, Johnson didn’t appear as actively engaged in the actual meeting to discuss such plans.

By 2050 in the UK, Johnson hopes that carbon emissions will be cut to net-zero, however, plans have often fallen through before, with targets to aid the climate change having not been met, and Johnson’s quick nap will not have helped soothe any members of the public’s minds.

The internet has since erupted in outrage over Johnson’s lack of engagement in the conference and missing mask. One Twitter user said, ‘What an utter disgrace @BorisJohnson is falling asleep and no mask.’


Another wrote:

It’s bad enough that he is asleep, but the fact that he can’t be bothered to wear a mask next to Sir David and others … FFS Boris you are a disgrace

A third commented, ‘@BorisJohnson Asleep at COP no mask neighbour’s David Attenborough- absolute bloody disgrace.’


No one can deny that we’ve not all been there, sat at the back of a lecture hall, on the bus, or on a Zoom, and felt our eyes drooping as we listen to someone drone on.

But in the face of a climate crisis, and mask-less at the end of a global pandemic that has taken millions of lives? Read the room.

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