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Black box and cockpit voice recorder found from Nepal air crash

Black box and cockpit voice recorder found from Nepal air crash

Investigators said the devices are in good condition, and they are hoping they will help to determine what went wrong

The black box and cockpit voice recorder from the deadly Nepal plane crash have been found.

Investigators said the devices are in good condition, and they are hoping the devices will help to determine what went wrong.

The Yeti Airlines flight set from Nepal's capital Kathmandu to Pokhara went down just before 11am local time on Sunday (January 15) with 72 people on board.

At least 68 people have now been confirmed dead in the wake of the horror crash, which is worst air incident in three decades for the Himalayan nation.

Rescue teams continue to scour the crash site, situated near Pokhara Airport, for any survivors and more information on the incident.

In the latest update, Teknath Sitaula, a Kathmandu Airport official, said the black boxes 'are in a good condition now', adding: "They look good from outside."

Meanwhile, Pokhara police official Ajay KC said the search and rescue operation has reopened this morning (16 January) after it was paused during the night.

"We will take out the five bodies from the gorge and search for the remaining four that are still missing," he said.

Chilling footage captured just moments before the plane went down show the aircraft teetering violently to one side.

The camera cuts away before the aircraft made contact with land.

New footage has also surfaced from on board the flight itself, which seems to have been live streamed by one of the five Indian national passengers.

Former MP of Nepal and Central committee member of the Nepali Congress, Abhishek Pratap Shah, supplied the chilling clip to the press, telling NDTV it came from one of the crash victims.

"It was sent by one of my friends who received it from a police personnel. It is a real record. It is today's video as the flight was about to land," he said.

In the disturbing clip, the traveller captures a few happy moments before the camera shakes and the video goes blurry.

Wailing and blood curdling screams could be heard in the final seconds of the footage, just before it cuts out.

Eyewitness Arun Tamu, who lives near the scene of the deadly crash, told Reuters of the carnage he witnessed in the moments after the plane hit the ground.

"Half of the plane is on the hillside," he said.

"The other half has fallen into the gorge of the Seti river."

Search and rescue teams continue to scour through the crash site.
ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

Another neighbour, Khum Bahadur Chhetri, revealed he was watching the plane from his rooftop terrace in its final moments.

"I saw the plane trembling, moving left and right, and then suddenly it nosedived and it went into the gorge," he told the outlet.

There were 72 people on board the twin-engine ATR 72 aircraft in total, including three infants and three children, as per the Civil Aviation Authority.

Passengers included five Indian nationals, four Russians and one Irish, two South Korean, one Australian, one French and one Argentine national.

Featured Image Credit: @zafarabbaszaidi/Twitter/Xinhua/Alamy Stock Photo

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