At Least 60 Children, Mostly Palestinian, Have Been Killed In Gaza Violence

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At Least 60 Children, Mostly Palestinian, Have Been Killed In Gaza ViolencePA Images

At least 60 children have died during the ongoing violence in Gaza between Palestine and Israel.

Tensions between Israel and Palestine stems back decades, but was recently reignited after Israeli officials threatened to remove Palestinian families from their homes last month.


Since then, violence has erupted causing a rising death toll, many of whom were only children, and countless left displaced and homeless.

Heartbreaking videos online have shown parents grieving the loss of their children. One father could be heard shouting, ‘They were four! Where are they? Four!’, outside a hospital after learning that all four of his children had died.

Smoke from an Israeli air strike on Gaza (PA Images)PA Images

Another man, named Riad Ishkontana, recalled the harrowing moments his children who were trapped under rubble stopped responding to him.


He told AP News:

I was listening to their voices beneath the rubble. I heard Dana and Zain calling, ‘Dad! Dad!’ before their voices faded and then I realised they had died.

Riad’s daughter Suzy miraculously survived after also being trapped under the rubble of their family home, and the pair have been reunited. Sadly, Dana and Zain are thought to be just two of 63 children to have died as a result of the ongoing conflict, according to Gaza health officials as of yesterday, May 19.

Palestinian girl (PA Images)PA Images

Recalling the moments before their home was struck, the father said, as per Insider, ‘The last moments [before the explosion], I was sitting with my wife in the living room and we were putting the girls to sleep. They are three girls and two boys. We put them in the safe room so if there was an airstrike, they would be far away.’

Just yesterday, May 19, there were reports that 11 children had died as a result of yet another Israeli airstrike. Norwegian Refugee Council Secretary General Jan Egeland confirmed the news in a statement that read, ‘We are devastated to learn that 11 children we were helping with trauma were bombarded while they were at home and thought they were safe. They are now gone, killed with their families, buried with their dreams and the nightmares that haunted them.’

It’s believed those who died were between the ages of five and 15.

Children in Israel have also been affected by the ongoing conflict, but it’s unknown how many may have died.


If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677.

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