Artist Forced To Close Bizarre Donald Trump Exhibition After Receiving Aggressive Threats

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Artist Forced To Close Bizarre Donald Trump Exhibition After Receiving Aggressive Threats@lena.ruseva_art/Instagram

A controversial exhibition featuring artwork depicting former POTUS Donald Trump was forced to close after the artist started receiving threats. 

Last week, Lena Ruseva’s exhibition, titled: ‘Trump: A Parallel Universe’ was set to debut in New York, on October 8.


However, due to threats from viewers, Ruseva received a slightly more controversial response than she was expecting, which impacted whether her 30-piece show could even go ahead.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump attends a rally in Perry, Georgia (Alamy)Alamy

Ruseva is an emerging artist who was born in the Soviet Union. She decided to dedicate her first collection to Trump due to the hot debate which surrounds the former president, Newsmax reports.

However, despite posting three weeks ago that the show was ‘coming soon’ to Manhattan, because of the aggressive nature of some reactions to her work, Ruseva has had to postpone the exhibition.


She said:

People hate him; people love him. It’s something mind-provoking. It’s not insulting. It’s not disgusting. It’s not propaganda. I didn’t expect any aggression.

Her exhibit comprises of Trump pictured in a series of parallel universes, from different time periods and settings, in ‘something between fairy tale story and reality’.


Settings range from Trump being in space, posing as an astronaut and touching fingers with an alien, to the 75-year-old depicted as a knight, warrior, a monk and even a wizard. In another, he has an American flag lying around his shoulders, which may seem pretty standard until you see he is riding a shark.

The controversy surrounding Trump even impacted how easy it was for Ruseva to find an art gallery to exhibit her paintings, when she first began to search for a location earlier in the year.

Rick Evans, Ruseva’s event manager, explained how the reason for the paintings being rejected from galleries was rarely down to their owner’s views of Trump, but the fears over how exhibition visitors would react.


Possible protests spurred on by the artworks were noted by Ruseva as being some gallery’s primary concerns. ‘They are scared of crazy people who hate Trump so much that they are ready to destroy property,’ she said.

After hunting for empty spaces to rent instead, the pair finally found a space in Tribeca, whose landlord didn’t mind the controversial subject matter of the exhibition. However, upon agreeing to let them rent the space, he required Ruseva and Evans to purchase particular insurance policies, such as a terrorist action waiver.

However, despite finding a location, the threats via social media in the build-up to the exhibition’s opening became too much for all involved.


According to Ruseva, social media users wished her dead or demanded she leave the country. Evans also received threats, which caused him to enlist the help of the authorities.

Despite police helping create a plan to keep the exhibition safe, offering a patrol car to be stationed nearby in case any issues did arise, the exhibition was resultantly cancelled 12 hours before it was set to open.

Evans noted how the possibility of danger or harm ‘became too much’ and so Ruseva had to let all those planning to attend know, sending more than 500 emails and text messages.

‘The show was cancelled over fear. We cancelled it over everybody’s safety,’ she said.

‘You only need one lunatic’, Evans added.

Despite the setbacks, Ruseva and Evans hope to be able to find another venue and have been supported in their endeavours by conservatives and some political groups.

Ruseva resolved that the ‘more pressure’ she faces, the ‘more stubborn’ she becomes to make the exhibition happen.

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    Trump NY Art Exhibition Closed Due to Threats

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