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Arnold Schwarzenegger Delivers Powerful Video Message To Vladimir Putin And People Of Russia

Arnold Schwarzenegger Delivers Powerful Video Message To Vladimir Putin And People Of Russia

The Hollywood actor has called on the Russian President to end the war with Ukraine in a lengthy video post.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has told Vladimir Putin to “stop this war” between Russia and Ukraine.

The Hollywood actor, bodybuilder and former Governor of California was the first Western film star to make a film in Moscow with Red Heat in 1988, as the country came to the end of its Cold War with Russia.

Now, with the former Soviet country and the USA at loggerheads once again over Putin's invasion of former Soviet state the Ukraine, the veteran actor has called out the Russian President in a lengthy nine-minute video posted to his Twitter account.

After running through his history with Russia, how he felt about the conflict and calling for it to stop he directly spoke to Putin.

'To President Putin, I say: You started this war. You are leading this war. You can stop this war' Arnie said.

He also had a message of admiration for those were protesting the war in Russia on home soil despite the threat of arrest.

The Commando actor said: 'The world has seen your bravery. We know that you have suffered the consequences of your courage. You have been arrested. You have been jailed. And you have been beaten. You are my new heroes.'

Elsewhere in the video, Schwarzenegger explained that he'd filmed because he wanted to try and make Russian soldiers more aware of why they were fighting. With the Russian propaganda machine in full effect, those within the country have received very different information around the campaign in Ukraine to what has been reported in the west.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

The actor also spoke of his father’s own prejudices against Russia because of his experiences as a Nazi during the Second World War. Gustav had served under Hitler in the war until being injured during the invasion of Russia in 1942.

In the video, Schwarzenegger says he moved past his father’s anti-Russian prejudices because a person’s nationality is not important to him.

According to The Independent, Schwarzenegger has been a regular critic of Putin’s over the past few years, at one point criticising former President Donald Trump's involvement with him and calling him 'a little wet noodle' for 'fanboying' over the Russian leader.

The video comes after Putin said that the West 'does not understand Russia' if the West thinks his country will step back, and claimed he had 'no other option for the security of Russia' than to begin the 'special military operation' on February 24.

Schwarzenegger's comments come after Putin accused the west of trying to 'cancel' Russia.

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information 

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