Arizona Man Caught Putting Out Wildfire With His Feet As Trail Blazes Behind Him


Jogger Caught Putting Out Wildfire With His Feet As Trail Blazes Behind Himazfamily/YouTube

Footage has emerged of a jogger putting out wildfire with his own feet in an act that you absolutely shouldn’t try and replicate.

Trevor Murphy of Scottsdale, Arizona, had been out jogging on the morning of Friday, August 21, as part of his everyday training regime for an upcoming 100-mile ultra marathon.


Trevor, 35, first saw the wildfire while approaching McDowell Mountain Regional Park, with the flames having been sparked by lightning the night before. The area is currently experiencing monsoon season, which can lead to unpredictable, and potentially dangerous, wildfires.

You can check out the footage for yourself below:


While many of us would turn around and call for help, Trevor decided to take matters into his own hands. Or indeed, his own feet.


Jumping into action, Trevor put out some of the smaller flames using rocks before using his feet to kick dirt in a bid to create a fire break.

Trevor has since explained that he had been trying to prevent the fire from spreading into a nearby preserve, and has claimed he was able to stop the flames spreading another 150 yards.

In the process, Trevor ended up burning the bottom of his running shoes and breaking his phone. He also ended up with singed hair, but fortunately appeared to be otherwise uninjured when appearing subsequent interviews.

You can check out one weatherman’s flabbergasted reaction to Trevor’s antics below:


Speaking with KOLD News 13, Trevor has said that he hadn’t been worried at the time about the possibility of becoming trapped by the flames:

It was kind of working in one direction and I felt like it was already pretty under control. I just wanted to make sure it didn’t cross the trail and head north towards Tom’s Thumb.

No one was out there and I felt like I could do my part, what little help maybe I did.

Taking to Instagram, Trevor revealed what had been going through his head at the time:


The fire was burning on the south side of the Coachwhip and the 3 foot wide dirt trail was the only thing preventing the fire from spreading North in the McDowell’s.

I called both 911 and the Fire Department, and both were aware of the fire burning, but no one was out there fighting it. I felt a sense of urgency and obligation to put out a good section of the fire butting up to the trail.

Trevor, a former golfer turned real estate professional, has no prior experience in firefighting, and indeed it’s doubtful his risky methods would ever be taught at an actual firefighting academy.

Experts in the field have since strongly warned others against following Trevor’s lead, with CBS 5 This Morning meteorologist Ian Schwartz quipping, firefighters ‘use tools. They don’t use Adidas’.


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