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Guest at five star hotel leaves 'without paying' after 603-night stay

Guest at five star hotel leaves 'without paying' after 603-night stay

The guest overstayed his welcome... literally.

A hotel guest was apparently living his very own Suite Life of Zack & Cody fantasy by living in a five star hotel for well over a year without paying.

While Zack and Cody's mom in the show had an agreement, the guest at this hotel somehow managed to stay under the radar and the details are wild.

The hotel guest checked into the five-star Roseate House hotel near New Delhi for a single night stay.

However that single night turned into almost two years and he managed to get away with it for over a year.

The guest was able to dodge the huge bill he accumulated, the Indian Express newspaper reported.

The guest stayed at Roseate House New Delhi.

Ankush Dutta spent a grand total of 603 nights at the hotel, according to the paper.

His bill came to over INR 5.8 million ($71,000, £55,600) which was left unpaid when he unofficially checked out in January 2021.

Staff only realised the hefty bill was unpaid when records were checked after the guest walked out.

The police were informed by the hotel board and complaints were filed against the guest as well as several staff members accused of helping the man avoid paying for his stay.

The guest's stay lasted 603 days.

The complaint alleges that staff at the hotel ‘allegedly forged, deleted, added and falsified a large number of entries in the account of the said guest,’ the Indian Express reports.

UNILAD has contacted Roseate House for comment.

In other hotel-related news, a hotel operations manager exposed the dark secrets of rich guests he's served over the years.

Donning an ominous mask, the manager spoke to Vice about the debaucherous behaviour he witnessed during his time as manager.

The worker said: "The hotel industry is a wild experience that helps you understand how disconnected the wildly wealthy are.

"I've seen the darker side of humanity – suicides, murders, spousal abuse, human trafficking – that stays with you for a long time."

Somehow the guest managed to stay under the radar.

The anonymous man even explained that one weekend, a group of around 60 wealthy customers rented out the whole hotel for a whopping £250,000 ($317,800) for two days.

In case you hadn't realised already, there were at the hotel for a massive orgy.

In another wild hotel story, a guest in a Tibetan hotel, who initially thought the nasty smell in his room was due to his smelly feet, later found out there was a corpse under his bed.

After sleeping on the bed, he asked to leave the room and be moved to a different one.

Later that night, staff came to his new room and asked him to return to the one he'd vacated as a dead body had been found.

Police fortunately told him not to worry as a suspect had already been arrested for the crime.

Featured Image Credit: Roseate House

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