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Twitch streamer attacked by kangaroo after she tries petting it on stream

Twitch streamer attacked by kangaroo after she tries petting it on stream

She had been trying to pet the kangaroos in a live stream

Footage shows the moment a Twitch streamer got attacked by a kangaroo after she tried petting it on a stream.

Watch what happened below:

If you haven’t seen the footage of an absolutely ripped kangaroo with gigantic guns, which surfaced on TikTok last summer, let it serve as a cautionary tale for just how much power these animals can have.

At the time, one Redditor explained: “It’s older male kangaroos that get jacked arms.

“As they get older it becomes more difficult for them to hop, thus they support their body weight with their arms while trotting and their motion are kinda like push-ups, which results in massive arm muscles.”

As well as their massive guns, kangaroos use their razor sharp claws when they attack - but they tend to only do so when they feel threatened or are convinced you’re withholding food from them.

This is why experts suggest to keep your distance if you do ever come across one (especially if they’ve got arms like this) - advice Thai Twitch streamer justketh didn’t follow.


Admittedly, these kangaroos weren’t quite as hench as the others, but they still packed a punch... literally.

Justketh was doing a live stream at what appeared to be some sort of animal park.

She was crouched down on the floor talking to and petting the animals when one suddenly got violent – taking a swipe at the streamer and the camera.

Justketh said: “Ow! My God! He f**king hurt me!

“I said be nice... He f**king punched me!”


Turning to the other kangaroos, she then said: “I said be nice, people. I’m your friend!”

But their mate rushed back over to land another punch at her, leaving her cowering on the floor with a pained smile.

Commenting on Twitter, one person wrote: “BRO WAS SO READY TO FIGHT LMFAOOOOOOO.”

Someone else said: “Mike Tyson should be proud.”

Another wrote: “That’s what kangaroos do, did she not expect that lol.”


A fourth added: “I swear this streamer has the most randomest things happening to her.”

Indeed, earlier this year, justketh also went viral after being chased by an angry man when she refused to sit with him by a pool.

In her stream, justketh was chatting away to the camera before catching the eye of the man, who was sat at the far side of the pool.

She said the man told her to come sit with him, before nodding in the direction of his crotch.

"He did this gesture, like with his d**k or something," she told her followers.

The man then made his way around the pool to give her an earful.

"You stop annoying me," he said aggressively.

"I try to relax. So shut up!"

Justketh told the man she would be reporting him to staff, calling him a 'f***ing idiot' - at which point he began to chase after her.

After warning him that she would call the police, he replied: "Call the police as much as you f***ing want."

As she fled, justketh said: "This is not normal. This is f***ing weird."

After another shouting match in the foyer of the hotel, justketh decided to report the man to police, and he was arrested a few hours later.

Naturally, justketh streamed all the while, and the man could be seen waving to passers-by in his handcuffs.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/justketh

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