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Man becomes ‘the bigger beast’ to scare off bear chasing family dog

Man becomes ‘the bigger beast’ to scare off bear chasing family dog

The bear had been chasing the dog up and down

A man took extreme measures to frighten away a bear that was chasing his dog.

Letting the dog out at night can often be fraught business. Maybe your pooch starts barking extra loud, or perhaps it just won't come in.

Or maybe it encounters some wildlife while out sniffing the bushes.

On a fortunate occasion this might turn out to just be a squirrel, but on this occasion, while it was an animal that can climb trees, it was considerably bigger than a squirrel.

That's because it was actually a black bear which had gotten into the back garden of a family's home in Florida.

In the first part of the video - which was captured by a Ring Doorbell - the bear and the dog can be seen tearing up and down the back garden.

They pass by the back of the house as the family desperately tries to intervene.

The dog and bear continue to move back and forth, until a man comes out of the house.

The bear was chasing the dog in the garden.
YouTube / WPLG Local 10

This is when he decides to take action to try and get the bear to go away.

You might think that you should just run inside and stay there, lock the door and wait for the bear to go away.

Of course, the problem with that is that you'd be leaving the poor dog outside to fend for itself, and frankly I wouldn't fancy the chance of any dog against a black bear.

The man took this moment to intervene.

Obviously, he didn't try and fight the bear, this isn't a salmon commercial where bears know karate.

The man scared off the bear.
YouTube / WPLG Local 10

As the woman and kids dash inside, the man makes himself look as big as possible and shouts loud noises to scare off the bear.

The dog was eventually able to make its way indoors but the family have since told WPLG Local 10 that their pet is now 'scared to go outside'.

Luckily, nobody was injured during the terrifying encounter.

People have taken to social media to praise how the family and the man reacted to the situation.

One person wrote: "Serious Alpha moves! From the momma chasing the bear to save the dog, to the older kid running out to see what the screaming was about and then yanking the toddler back in to safety to the dad getting BIG and roaring away that bear. Amazing kicka** family and awesome video catch."

Another said: "That woman was brave as s**t, tho!! She didn’t hesitate to go save her doggy."

A third wrote: "That guy will be bragging about this moment for the rest of his life, and goddamn he deserves to!"

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/WPLG Local 10

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