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Andrew Tate bragged about how he ‘broke a woman’s jaw’ and his ‘scam’ business before getting busted in Romania

Andrew Tate bragged about how he ‘broke a woman’s jaw’ and his ‘scam’ business before getting busted in Romania

Andrew Tate was detained on December 29 in Romania’s capital Bucharest

Andrew Tate once bragged about how he ‘broke a woman’s jaw’ and admitted his webcam business is 'all a scam'.

The controversial British-US citizen who has 4.7 million followers on Twitter, was detained on December 29 in Romania on charges of being part of an organised crime group, human trafficking and rape.

His brother Tristan and two Romanian women were also arrested.

On January 10, a court upheld a judge’s ruling on December 30 to extend their arrest from 24 hours to 30 days.

The brothers have denied all the allegations against them.

Back in 2021, Tate featured on an episode of The Pomp Podcast where he claimed he 'ended up in court' after he was charged with causing 'bodily harm', but 'got away with it in the end', as reported by NBC.

However, details of the alleged case are still unverified.

Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, were arrested last month.

And last June, in an interview with the Mirror, Tate and his brother admitted that their webcam business is a 'total scam' and but authorities are unable to stop them.

The brother said they run a studio where 75 webcam models 'take calls from fans paying $4 a minute'.

Andrew said: “Four dollars a minute to keep her company was a good deal, however she made her real money because men fell in love with her and believed her fake story and tipped thousands to keep her attention and stop other men seeing her.

"Even when the face of the personality was sleeping, our girls behind the scenes would use ‘Chloe’s’ phone and constantly work on the relationships with her ‘boyfriends’."


He admitted: “It’s a total scam. The model just has their hands on a keyboard that isn’t even plugged in.

“I have real professionals who are fluent in English behind the scenes getting men hooked, finding out their interests, the name of their dog.

“A guy will come online, they’ll say, ‘How’s Sparky?’ It’s an operation of professionals who lure these men in.”

UNILAD has attempted to contact Tate's reps for comment.

After his arrest, Romanian authorities reportedly seized 11 luxury cars from Tate's property, an official confirmed.

Ramona Bolla, a spokesperson for Romania's DIICOT investigations agency, told Insider the cars were being held to 'sustain the cost of the investigation' into Tate, explaining the cars could also be used as collateral to cover the cost of any payments granted to their alleged victims.

While the car's models were unconfirmed by the spokesperson, Romanian news outlet Gândul claimed to have published photos of those that had been seized, including images of a Rolls-Royce Wraith from the Black Badge range, and an Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate.

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