Americans Will Need To Cut Back On Meat To Meet Biden’s Climate Change Goal, Expert Say

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Americans Will Need To Cut Back On Meat To Meet Biden's Climate Change Goal, Expert SaysPA

An expert has expressed concerns that Americans will need to decrease their meat intake to meet Biden’s climate change goal.

Last week, the president pledged to cut the US’s carbon emissions by 50-52% by 2030, almost doubling Obama’s promise of reducing emissions by 28% by 2025.

Biden said, ‘This is the decisive decade. This is the decade that we must make decisions to avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis.’

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He continued, as per CNBC, ‘This is a moral imperative. An economic imperative. A moment of peril, but also a moment of extraordinary possibilities.’

Earlier this week, a reduction in meat intake was claimed to be part of Biden’s plan, infuriating Republicans in the process. However, it has not been confirmed to be part of Biden’s initiative. Now, an expert has suggested it could be worth investigating further.

With meat consumption being a key contributor to carbon emissions across the globe, Brent Kim, expert at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, has said the country needs to cut back on its meat consumption if they’re to meet Biden’s target. He added that Americans also need to look at their dairy intake, too.

Kim told MailOnline:

To avoid the most catastrophic climate change scenarios, the evidence is clear that citizens in high-meat consuming countries – such as the United States – need to dramatically reduce their meat and dairy intake.

I’m not talking about banning certain foods or force-feeding anyone broccoli… but our food choices don’t occur within a vacuum. For better or for worse, what Americans choose to eat is heavily influenced by the availability of certain foods in their community, how much they cost, and whether healthy plant-based options are offered in our schools and institutions.


He went on to say that all these factors depend on local, state, and federal policy, and called on the government to give people ‘the option of choosing healthy, climate-friendly, plant-based meals’ at public institutions that are already funded by tax contributions.

Biden is yet to announce the policies that will help the US achieve its carbon emissions goals, and has not said whether a reduction in meat intake is one of them.

Kim added that he believes the government’s attention also needs to be drawn to the US agriculture industry.

He said, ‘The plan also alludes to many opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the agriculture sector, including helping farmers to reduce soil erosion and store carbon in soils – ideas that are good for farmers, and good for the environment.’

Biden’s plans come after the country rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement in January. Former-POTUS Donald Trump made the US leave the agreement after expressing concerns that it would negatively impact their economy.

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