American Man ‘Risks His Life’ Going Out To Get Corndogs For Wife In Huge Snowstorm

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In 2021, we are no longer accepting the bare minimum. By bare minimum we mean, if your significant other isn’t ready to risk it all to go out in a snowstorm just to get your favourite snack, you might want to rethink your future together.

One person who need not re-examine her relationship is Megan from St Louis, Missouri, who goes by Simply Simmer on YouTube.

In a recent video uploaded to her channel, titled ‘My husband risked his life for corndogs…’, Megan shared a news report in which her partner is seen out in the blizzard trying to buy corndogs.

Her husband, named Tom, seems slightly caught off-guard before he is heard telling the news anchor, ‘My wife wanted uh.. some corndogs, so I dug the car out of the snow to go and get corndogs for her.’

Seemingly unphased by the extreme weather, he said: ‘Snow like this is nothing new to me really.’

As per the news report, grocery stores in the city were being forced to close due to the adverse weather conditions, but luckily Megan’s husband managed to get there just in time.

Soon after posting the hilarious footage, Megan began receiving comments from people sharing her amusement and commenting on her husband’s sweet gesture.


Explaining what happened, Megan wrote in the comments:

We live just outside of St. Louis and we had a huge snowstorm hit yesterday. I told my husband I wanted corndogs and he, being the loving husband that he is, went down to the grocery store to get me some corndogs. The local news was there, and this is what my husband had to say about what he was doing there… I can’t stop laughing.

Keen to clear up any misconceptions that her husband actually risked his life for her snack-craving she added: ‘Also, he didn’t “REALLY” risk his life for corndogs. We live about a minute from the grocery store, which is why he decided it was ok to go out.’


‘Snow like this isn’t normal in our area, but there was a huge snowstorm across most of the country. I just have an awesome husband,’ she said.

As per BBC News, approximately 71% of the US is currently covered in snow. As snowstorms continue in Missouri, which is reaching temperatures of -14°C and lower, schools have been closed and people are being urged not to travel and conserve power.

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