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Bankrupt Alex Jones spends almost $100,000 every month

Bankrupt Alex Jones spends almost $100,000 every month

The conspiracy theorist has declared bankruptcy due to some pretty heavy spending habits

It's been revealed that conspiracy theorist and alt-right radio show host Alex Jones has some very heavy monthly spending habits.

Documents published just this week by the Texas bankruptcy court detail just how much Jones, 48, spends.

Heads up - the number is pretty big.

Jones first filed for bankruptcy in December of last year after falsely claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.

The tragic incident took place in 2012 when 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The perpetrator then shot his mother and himself, ending his own life, ultimately leading the total number of deaths to rise to a devastating 28 people.

Bankrupt Alex Jones spends a huge amount of money each month.
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The shooting still remains the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the state, as well as the deadliest mass shooting at an elementary school in the whole of U.S. history.

Following a series of defamation trials against Jones, it was ordered that he would pay almost $1.5 billion (approximately £1.2 billion) to the families of the victims as compensation following his numerous claims about the shooting being a hoax.

Since then, details about Jones' finances have been released by a Texas bankruptcy court with explicit details on his assets, debts and spending habits.

The far-right radio host owns three massive properties in home state Austin, Texas, where also hosts The Alex Jones Show.

Not just a housing mogul, Jones also owns three vehicles, two boats and a huge $1.5 million plot of land. Other assets include two guns and a cat.

Jones is also the owner of a whole handful of different businesses and companies - eight to be exact.

Jones is the sole owner of eight businesses.

One of which includes Infowars parents Free Speech Systems, which has handed him out a huge annual salary of over $600,000 (approximately £499,000) for the last two years alone.

However, Jones pleaded with a court to take home an even larger salary from the now also bankrupt company - a whole $1.3 million (just over £1 million) to be exact.

The filing also showed Jones' other occupations listed as 'Media Personality' and 'Dietary Supplement Sales'.

The father-of-one's assets alone wrack up to a whopping $10 million.

The Texas court documents also found that Jones' monthly outgoings totalled to staggering number of more than $96,000.

The documents outlined Jones' assets, debts and outgoings.
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His top four largest monthly spends were found to be taxes ($40,000), childcare ($14,000), alimony and child support ($10,000) and domestic upkeep (over $7,000).

Talk about budgeting.

Next month, Jones will return to court for a judge's decision on whether a defamation suit filed by the parents of a Sandy Hook victim, six-year-old Noah Pozner, will proceed or not.

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