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After 100 Days At War, How Much Of Ukraine Does Russia Have?

After 100 Days At War, How Much Of Ukraine Does Russia Have?

President Zelenskyy has said that 60 to 100 Ukrainian soldiers are dying in combat every day

After 100 days of the war, just how much of Ukraine does Russia have?

Since the deadly invasion began, the unthinkable scenes of destruction have been shared throughout the world.

Initial feelings that Putin's men would just march into Ukraine and take total control were soon squashed as President Zelenskyy's army has continued to fight back.


As things stand, the Ukrainian president says that Russia now holds 20 percent territory of the country, as reported by NDTV.

In comparison, Ukrainian officials previously said that before the February invasion, Russia controlled some 7 percent of Ukrainian territory including Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, and some areas held by the separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Russian officials now claim their forces are fighting for the 'complete liberation' of Ukraine's eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

As things stand, Russian troops control most of eastern city of Severodonetsk and are now pushing north from the town of Popasna, reports BBC.

An additional 58,000 square kilometres (22,000 square miles) area is said to be under Russian control, which is slightly larger than Croatia.

President Zelenskyy also said this week that 60 to 100 Ukrainian soldiers are dying in combat every day, with about 500 more wounded.

Russia’s last publicly released figures for its own forces came on March 25, when a general told state media that 1,351 soldiers had been killed and 3,825 wounded.


Zelenskyy said on Thursday that Ukraine and western observers say the real number is much higher, claiming that more than 30,000 Russian servicemen have died, while the British Government has estimated Russian losses at 15,000.

A western official has also said that Russia is 'still taking casualties, but … in smaller numbers'.

The official estimated that some 40,000 Russian troops have been wounded.


With regards to the damage on infrastructure, Ukraine’s parliamentary commission on human rights says Russia’s military has destroyed almost 38,000 residential buildings, leaving around 220,000 people homeless.

Nearly 1,900 educational facilities from nurseries to schools to universities have been damaged, including 180, which have been completely destroyed.

Other infrastructure losses include 300 car and 50 rail bridges, 500 factories and about 500 damaged hospitals, according to Ukrainian officials.

The World Health Organisation have also tallied 296 attacks on hospitals, ambulances and medical workers in Ukraine this year.

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