Afghanistan: Shocking Footage Shows Baby Being Passed Around Crowds As People Attempt To Flee Kabul

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Afghanistan: Shocking Footage Shows Baby Being Passed Around Crowds As People Attempt To Flee Kabul@rustamwahab_/Instagram

Devastating footage has emerged showing a baby being passed through crowds at Kabul’s airport, in what appears to be a desperate attempt to get the infant to the front of the queue.

The heartbreaking footage, which was taken at Hamid Karzai International Airport, shows the tiny child being passed forward through the crowds towards the gate, a stark reminder of the sacrifices so many parents would make to get their children away from the Taliban.

Originally uploaded to Instagram by British journalist Rustam Wahab, the vid has since been widely shared on Instagram, driving home the true terror of living under the Taliban regime.

Wahab, who is both owner and admin for UKFactCheckPolitics, wrote:

People are so desperate to escape the T-ban that they’re passing babies and kids forward to the gate at Kabul airport.

The shocking scene has struck a chord with many people, emphasising the desperation of the situation on a personal level.

This comes amid reports that women in Kabul have been throwing their babies over barbed wire, pleading with British soldiers to take care of them.

Speaking with Sky News, one senior officer said memories of the blockade at the airport will stay with soldiers for the rest of their lives:

It was terrible, women were throwing their babies over the razor wire, asking the soldiers to take them, some got caught in the wire. I’m worried for my men, I’m counselling some, everyone cried last night.

Harrowing scenes reported from the blockade have seen many families sent away from the gate and back to Taliban rule, with soldiers unable to assist those trying to flee the country without the right paperwork.

The UK government has pledged a new scheme whereby up to 20,000 Afghan people will be offered a route to make their home in the UK. However, just 5,000 people will be eligible in the first year of the scheme, a figure many believe is simply not enough.

If you’d like to help those who’ve been affected by the recent devastating events unfolding in Afghanistan, you can make a donation to the UN Refugee Agency United Kingdom here.

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    Afghanistan: Desperate women throw babies over razor wire at compound, asking British soldiers to take them

Julia Banim
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